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At Electric Bike Journal, our crew will be setting out to fill the void in bicycle media by taking our decades of experience as competitive cyclists, passionate riders, content creators and journalists to bring you the most honest and relatable eBike reviews possible. Even though we’ve ridden across the country and competed in the most daring downhill mountain bike races, we’re not going to let our “extreme” backgrounds affect our reviews as we know not everyone is looking for a bike to compete in the Tour De France.

Many riders are just looking for the perfect eBike to ride around the local bike path, or explore the coast near their RV or campground. Others may be looking for the best commuter eBike or a grocery getter that can haul a heavy load. Here at Electric Bike Journal, we’ll use our experiences to gauge these electric bikes from a performance and practicality standpoint while also evaluating the safety of the equipment as well.

We want to bring you along for the ride and are charged up about setting out on this adventure together. Be sure to come back regularly for reviews, bike giveaways and more.