We visit Magnum Bikes in Utah an inside look

We got a chance to visit Magnum Bikes at their headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah to see what they are all about. Lucky for us, they have two storefronts, one in downtown Salt Lake City and the other in Park City. Join us as we take a look Behind the Brand with Magnum Bikes.

About Magnum Bikes

Magnum Bikes was established in the United States in 2014. Their mission is to create and distribute high-quality yet affordable electric bikes to people to experience the world of electric bikes. Magnum bikes has a wide range of bikes in their lineup, from small city bikes, cargo and mountain orientated bikes.

They believe customers deserve top-of-the-line performance at an affordable price. Magnum Bikes custom designs their own frames, use there own proprietary electrical system, and carefully-sourced premium quality mechanical and electronic components. In addition to this, each bike is designed, engineered and built by them from the ground up.

From their headquarters in Salt Lake City, Magnum Bikes conceptualizes and creates their own molds. Also, they carefully choose each component that best suit our products. Additionally, Magnum Bikes has their own brick and mortar stores and distributes through a network of independent bike shops throughout the United States.

“We really believe we will see an electric bike in everyones garage in America” says Jesse Lapin – COO

On our visit, we were able to visit their Salt Lake City and Park City stores. Each store showcases each model of their bikes as well as plenty of accessories to go with. Above all, the Magnum staff is there to assist you with all your needs when choosing an electric bike. Along with being friendly, they are there to help get your bike serviced or take you on a demo ride.

In addition to sales and repairs, the stores rent bikes to customers as well. At the Park City location we went on a ride the local bike path network with some of the Magnum staff. Without a doubt, we now understand why people enjoy Park City and the convenience of having a store there.

Following a day in the mountains, we visit their headquarters in Salt Lake City to meet more Magnum staff. Located in an old Boys and Girls club, Magnum Bikes staff get to enjoy a large office with lots of open space. Clearly everyone at the offices enjoyed their coworkers. As we walked around you could see the smiles and collaboration happening in the open work spaces.

Overall, our visit with Magnum Bikes showed us how passionate the team is to getting people on electric bikes. Their commitment to customer service and offering quality affordable bikes makes them stand out from the rest. If you haven’t seen them yet, check them out online, at one of their stores or one of their distributors. We want to thank all the Magnum Staff for their generous hospitality and we hope you enjoyed this Behind the Brands with Magnum Bikes.