After many miles of commuting for errands around town, coffee shop runs and the occasional stroll to the town over, we think we have found another e-city bike worth considering. The NCM C7 is a Class 1 electric commuter bike making navigating around town a breeze with a steady and smooth feel. This bike is an all equipped commuter to keep you prepared for riding any time and in just about any weather.

The Lab

The NCM C7 has a removable 504wh 36v 14a battery which is easily removable from the bike with a keyed lock, a necessary step in order to charge the battery. The motor is a Das-Kit X2, a 350w geared hub motor with a peak torque rating of 60nM at 250w. The Das-Kit X2 is equipped with the E2 controller to select between the different riding modes (low, medium, high), in addition, a simple 3 bar indicator for your charge level. The X2 is upgraded to Torque Sensor Technology, distributing the power according to the power being put into the pedals. 

The C7 is equipped with a LTWOO A3 8-speed drivetrain and 700c wheelset with CST 38c tires. It has Gemma Hydraulic disc brakes which provide excellent brake control. This whole package is build around an aluminum frame and flat bars. Inclusive on the C7 is front and rear fenders, a headlight and a rear rack design for pannier bags. 

It has an estimated range of 75 miles at a max pedal assist speed of 20mph. The complete package, complete to the kickstand, weighs in at 50lbs.


The NCM C7 brings a lot to the table and for a very affordable price. Now we would definitely consider this a loaded bike for the buyer on a budget. Coming out of a very wet winter and a spring that just seems to linger endlessly, not having to place an order for fenders was just the ticket to get out and enjoy cruising the town. Cruising happens to be something this bike does very well. The intelligent torque sensor used with the Das Kit system delivers a very smooth pedal assist in three modes. In the low mode a week went by before needing to throw the battery on the charger. The NcM C7 shines as an equipped ecity bike with 700c wheels, a headlight,fenders, and a rear pannier rack to fix some bags to.


There are some improvements we think NCM could make on the evolution of the C7. The schrader valve rims really limit the ability to convert to tubeless tires and replacing a tube on a fendered bike is not the sort of task I’d want to take on during a morning commute to work. The brake spec, although hydraulic disc brakes, aren’t quite of the caliber we see on other bikes we frequent, but easily an upgrade worth considering with all the savings up front.

All in all the NCM C7 is the complete package for someone looking to park the car and start riding to work or around for their errands. Equally it makes for getting in longer rides and more fitness focused riding a breeze as any 700c bike would. With a comfortable geometry, it carry’s the wait well and has you a prepared for wet roads or rides into the night. Thirty miles later we were still grinning and looking for an afternoon espresso.  

Price: $1,199
Sizes: Medium, Large
Weight: 50lbs