Get Your Carry On

Big hauler. Small footprint. Cargowagen is stable, maneuverable, powerful, and flexibleenough to carry just about anything.

The Cargowagen Neo is built to carry. Its aluminum frame is light but tough allowing Cargowagen Neo to be stable, maneuverable, and powerful. It’s more than 200 kgs (441 lbs) total weight capacity means you can move about anything from kids to cargo with confidence. To help tackle the to-do list, great accessories are available for the Cargowagen Neo including racks, panniers, and more.

Easy to Ride. Easy to Love.

With a low and wide StepThru frame, low center of gravity, and stable yet agile handling, Cargowagen Neo delivers confidence and control with even the heaviest loads. Plus, its compact dimensions make parking and storing simple and convenient. You’ll actually have fun running errands.

Bosch Powered

Bosch’s e-bike technology is well-proven, which is why it powers all Cannondale e-cargo bikes. We chose to drive systems specifically developed for the demands of heavy loads, with powerful battery and drive units, and space on all models for an optional second battery.

One Size Fits All

The low center of gravity and StepThru frame and adjustable components can comfortably accept nearly any rider, from the short and small to the big and tall.

Small Wheels. Big Capability

Cargowagen Neo’s 20-inch wheels make life easier. Their smaller diameter makes them super durable while allowing a lower step-over height and lower center of gravity. That means it’s easier to get on or off the bike, and gives them more stability and agility at the same time.

Packed with Practicality

Cargowagen Neo comes ready to tackle the to-do list: heavy-duty kickstand, wheel covers, chain guard, running boards, fenders, lights, and even a lock. There are available accessories to suit your needs, too: front rack options, plus rear deck add-ons like a cushion, cargo box, and more. The trailer mounting point fits most trailer types, as well.

Carry in Comfort

Smart engineering doesn’t mean much if a bike’s not comfortable to ride. Aside from a low center of gravity to help with maneuvering, our e-cargo bikes were designed with ergonomic grips, supportive saddles, and natural, upright seating positions, making it not just easy to ride all day, but a lot of fun, too.

Command Center

Keep track of range, battery power, and boost levels with Cargowagen Neo’s easy-to-read Kiox display, mounted right up front on the handlebar.

Easy On, Easy Off

Cargowagen Neo features a dropper seatpost, which means that you can quickly raise and lower the saddle with the push of a lever on the handlebar, making it even easier to get on, get off, or balance the bike while stopped

Double Up

Need to go even further? No worries. Cargowagen Neo has two battery mounts, both connected to the same, convenient charging port on the frame, making it easy to double your range.

Ride & Glide

Cushion your cargo, and more importantly, cushion yourself with Cargowagen Neo’s smooth-riding suspension fork up front. It makes rough roads and even unpaved paths buttery-smooth.

Stash & Dash

Keys, wallet, water, gummy bears, or whatever else you need close by – they all fit neatly into the convenient central storage area, safely tucked down low and out of the way, but still right where you need it.

Starting at $4300 and to be released this Winter, the Cargowagen Neo is a welcomed addition to the Cannondale Electric lineup. 

The Bosch Cargo Line Mid Drive motor and dual battery option quickly stack the Cargowagen Neo against most of the current electric cargo bikes we see.

The smaller footprint and high load capacity fit right in with a broader cargo and utility electric bike user demand. For urban living and becoming a vehicle replacement, for most the advantages of the smaller size without sacrificing performance is a great way to commit to two wheels.

We’ll be staying in the loop with Cannondale as we get closer to the launch and our chance to test and review the Cargowagen NEO.