New Urrun, a light eMTB to expand your horizons

  • Orbea has developed a new model with a powerful but natural feeling motor, great autonomy, an advanced aluminum frame and unrivaled aesthetics.
  • The new Urrun incorporates our RS technology, which was born in Rise, to offer a lightweight eMTB for exploring without limits.

Urrun means Far in the Basque language. Urrun is without doubt a bike to take you far and explore distant horizons but the name holds more significance to Orbea. Urrun is about the long journey the brand embarked upon with this bike and how far they have come. New technologies and innovative integrations, it is safe to say that Orbea is proud to have Urrun in the family. Escape, enjoy bigger adventures, go further and explore harder, there are no more excuses.


Natural Power

Urrun uses the Shimano EP8 RS, Rider Synergy, motor, developed in an exclusive collaboration with Orbea. This motor captivated riders with its debut in our Rise which has won awards across the industry. Ride Synergy (RS) is our integrated system where the power, weight, interface and range are considered together to offer an unbeatable, balanced ride.

This isn´t just an EP8 with limited torque but rather a totally new control system designed to give the quietest, most natural feeling assistance possible with no lag or drag. The EP8-RS is optimized in the 75-95rpm cadence range so that just as you are pedaling harder the Rise responds instantly with more power, and this is one of the reasons it feels so alive and natural.

As with the Rise, the Urrun EP8 RS motor is also configurable via the Shimano e-Tube Project app and compatible with the RS Tool Box so that you can access more data about your ride via your Garmin device.

Fantastic Autonomy

The Orbea engineering team has combined this motor with the 540 Wh battery which we released with the Rise aluminum models. This battery uses 21-700 cells that optimize energy density, meaning more energy with less volume. Its complete integration in the frame reduces the overall system weight and improves stiffness, which translates into better and easier bike handling.

Designing this electric bike and carefully considering all the elements has resulted in unbeatable efficiency which offers high autonomy, with up to 3,500 m of elevation gain and 8 hours of pedaling from a single charge. The combination of the totally new light and compact electric ecosystem, the efficiency of the EP8 RS motor and the new generation of lighter and stiffer frames makes Orbea’s range of electric mountain bikes very efficient: which helps increase the available range by 1.5. Orbea calls this the 1.5x Factor. To put it simply, compared to a traditional e-bike you can expect 50% more the range from Urrun, or a factor of 1.5.

In addition, Urrun brings with it the option of mounting a 252Wh Range Extender, bringing the total capacity to 792 Wh. When multiplied by our 1.5 Factor, the result is no less than 1188 Wh. It’s total autonomy for the most epic adventures.

To charge both batteries, whether it’s the internal battery or the Range Extender, it’s easy to use the smart charger developed by Orbea. This charger extends the life of the battery by up to 30% by adapting the charge to 2 or 4 amps based on different factors, such as temperature, the state of the cells or the number of charge cycles consumed.

A New Generation of Aluminum Frames

Orbea has created a super light frame of the highest quality, offering one of the lightest chassis on the market. Compared to its predecessor, the Wild HT, it is 15% lighter and 30% stiffer.

This weight saving is possible thanks to Orbea’s hydroforming process and triple-butted tubes, which allow very tight control of the tube wall thickness, allowing us to reduce weight in certain places and also reinforce the areas that are subjected to greater stress. As if that wasn’t enough, Orbea has applied polished welding technology for an impeccable finish that improves the performance of the frame.

Another area where Orbea has allocated its resources is in the integration of the Shimano EP8 RS motor in the frame. The “Gravity Casting Interface” integrates the motor in a very clean and compact way inside the frame, keeping it completely protected. For the lower part, Orbea has developed its own protective cover that shields the motor from any impact, weather or unforeseen events.

A New Standard in Integration

One of the most striking features of the new Urrun is the integration of its cables in the handlebar area. Orbea has developed a handlebar and stem that integrates the wiring, routing display and control cables inside the handlebar. The brakes and dropper post cables are routed safely through the stem and headtube.

Adventure-ready Geometry

Urrun offers a balanced geometry that maximizes fun for any type of rider. The geometry is designed to offer the greatest possible control in all situations, with a comfortable position for any adventure.

Additionally, the geometry is combined with 29” wheels, wide 2.4” tires — with a tire clearance of up to 2.6” — and a 120mm ebike-specific fork for greater comfort and safety. Urrun is available in five sizes, ranging from S to XL, and in three elegant colors: Leo-Orange, Borealis-Blue and Black-Glitter.

Many Options, Many Adventures

Urrun is a bike for various uses and, as such, has several options. When buying an Urrun, you can select the optional and powerful Lezyne light, which shines at 1,000 lumens and is wired internally, as well as the aforementioned 252 Wh Range Extender for longer adventures. You can also choose different dropper post lengths or opt for a traditional seat post.

Urrun is also compatible with racks, panniers, kickstands, various trailers and FollowMe devices

Now available to buy or reserve

Through Orbea’s Rider Connect program, you can now reserve an Urrun or find one in-store based on availability or location. You’ll find all the information you need on the Orbea website.

When you reserve an Urrun through Rider Connect, you’ll be entered into a giveaway for an Italian cycling trip for two people to fully enjoy your new bike without limits and discover a new cycling region. Those who purchase an Urrun will also receive a 10% discount on the 252 Wh Range Extender, as well as a shirt and baggies for the first 100 who register their new bike.