After a few weeks of fun riding the Aventon Aventure, we finally got to writing up a full review on it. We had a chance to ride it in the city, some trails and even in some snow. The Aventon Aventure Fat Tire Electric Bike is a Class 3 electric bike. It has a thumb throttle that will get you to 20mph and then pedal assist up to 28mph. Out of the box the bike comes set up as a Class 2 electric bike, but once you sync with the Aventon App on your smart phone you can unlock the bike to a Class 3 Bike. The bike is equipped with 4 inch tires laced up to 26 inch wheels giving you that nice fat bike look and feel.

The Lab

The Aventon Aventure has a 720 watt hour battery integrated into the frame. This battery is removable with one of the two keys that are provided with the bike. This large battery powers the 750 watt Bafaung rear hub motor, which has a max power output of 1130 watts. There is a cadence and a speed sensor on the bike, the cadence sensor senses when you are pedaling to activate the motor assist. To see all the stats on the bike there is a nice color display on the center of the handlebars. The color display with show you batter percentage, speed, pedal assist level, an odometer and much more. To access the color display there is a thumb controller on the left hand side of the bars. This controller is where you can power the bike on, choose assist levels, toggle through information and turn on on the included headlight. There is also a tail like build into the frame, which acts as a brake light when the headlight is off, but is constantly on when the headlight is powered on.

The bike is an eight speed bike with thumb shifters accessed on the right hand side of the handlebars. It is also equipped with hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors front and rear. The front for is a suspension fork with 80mm of travel to help dampen any rough terrain and give you a smoother ride. Included on the bike are metal front and rear fenders to help water and debris off your legs and back. Also included on the bike is a nice sturdy kickstand integrated onto the back of the bike, which is very useful when parking the bike.

The Aventon Aventure comes in weighing 73lbs. Estimated range on the bike is 51 miles in pedal assist 1 and 19 miles in pedal assist 5. Front and rear rack options are available to add some more versatility. There is also a step through model available for more accessibility to a wider range of people.


There are many things we liked about the Aventon Aventure. First off, the style of the bike is awesome, the color, the detail, and overall look is really pleasing. There are many details on the bike like small branded parts on the bike that give it that extra touch of goodness. The battery is integrated into the frame seamlessly. From the drive side you can barely tell it is there. The bike is very stable, even at high speeds. The integrated battery helps keep the center of gravity lower and that helps with the handling. Having the fat tires and the suspension really give a nice smooth ride. They ate up the bumps and potholes in the city and had good traction in the dirt.

The upright seated position is very comfortable as well and felt very natural when pedaling. Using the throttle from a stop it accelerated smoothly and with ease. It was great to use the throttle from a stopped position to get you moving a bit and then start you pedaling. This made for an easy transition to begin pedaling so you don’t have to worry about pedaling from a stand still. We tested this bike in pretty wet spring conditions most of the time and the fenders did a great job of repelling water from out legs and behind.


The Aventon Aventure is a heavy bike, at 73lbs you are going to have a bit of a struggle carrying it up and stairs or loading it into a vehicle. Pedaling the bike without any pedal assist was pretty difficult as well giving the wight of the bike. Luckily, the integrated battery is removable so you can bring that up some stairs and leave the bike locked up downstairs.

The cadence sensor does have a slight lag to it. It takes about half a pedal or so before it kicks in and then it gives you the assist. If you aren’t prepared for this and are in a higher pedal assist mode it can definitely lurch you forward a bit more then you expected. To counter this, I would lower the pedal assist level when coming to a stop and then toggle up from there as needed. The pedal assists levels also top out at certain speeds, so at assist 1 you get to about 10mph and then in incremental levels up to 28mph in pedal assist 5.

This bike would be great for the adventurous type that wants to go from the city streets to some dirt roads. If you are looking for comfort on bumpy streets and the ability to hit your local paved path with ease this is perfect. It is heavy, not a bike you want to be carrying up any stairs. It would be a fun camp site bike if you have a low loading rear rack, but with the weight of it isn’t the easiest to load into a vehicle. The Aventon Aventure is a really fun bike and will make you smile every time you ride it. Everyone who rode it had a blast and we had a smile on our face the whole time we rode it.

Price: $1,999
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Weight: 73lbs