Abus is not only in the business of protecting your bike with great bike locks, they are also in the business of protecting the cyclists themselves with their helmet line. Their urban line of helmets appeal to the people who use their bikes everyday and see their helmets as an essential part of riding.

The Abus Pedelec 2.0 Mips helmet is designed for riding in the city streets with protection and comfort in mind. There are many features on this helmet that make it a no brainer to bring with you when riding around on your electric bike.

Chrome Southside 3.0 Bicycle Shoes
Chrome Southside 3.0 Bicycle Shoes

One of the first things I noticed on the helmet when I took it out of the box the weight of the helmet. It does not feel cumbersome like some city riding helmets do. Even tho the helmet is light in weight, it still has all the safety requirements to keep you safe. The foam is made of a durable shock-absorbing EPS material and has MIPS built in to help reduce rotational forces that can result from certain impacts. The temple area of the helmet comes lower than most to provide additional protection. On the back of the helmet is a wheel adjustment system to finely tune the fit to be secure and comfortable. I am a big fan of the Fidlock magnetic strap buckle, very easy to use and the pad is comfortable under your chin.

The next thing I noticed was the large LED light on the back of the helmet. This integrated, rechargeable LED tail light has 180 degrees of visibly and two settings, constant and flashing. Along with the LED light, the helmet has many powerful reflectors on it to help keep you visible. Under the tail light is a hidden stow away spot for an integrated rain cover. It took me a bit to even recognize that was built into the helmet, that is how nicely it is integrated. To keep your head cool, Abus uses forced air cooling technology with all the vents for optimal head temperature. The air vents on the front have foam in fly nets to keep the bugs or any debris from coming in. The helmet is also ponytail compatible, which may come in handy with how long my hair is getting.

A helmet is a crucial part of any cyclists gear. Having a good helmet can make the difference in the riders comfort and their well being in the case of a crash. This helmet is definitely comfortable and light enough to not notice it when on the bike. With the comfort comes all the technology to keep your head protected in case of an accident and help you be seen on the road. The large LED tail light is not very visible in the daytime, but when the daylight drops it is much welcomed to help keep you seen. With the added rain cover it gives you year round versatility, you could also use that rain cover on chilly dry mornings to block out some of the cold wind that can enter those large vents.  

Price: $199.99
Sizing: M-L
Colors: Velvet Black, Signal Yellow, Silver Edition
Website: Abus.com