Over the year our staff has reviewed countless products from complete bikes to small accessories and everything in between. If you’re looking for a new bike helmet, lights, bike locks, or anything else bike or eBike related, the Electric Bike Journal Buyer’s Guide should give you a great start to selecting your essential bike gear list.

If you’re looking for more than just gear, we have also just published our Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide, where we feature a ton of really awesome eBikes! Whether you’re looking for a cargo eBike, commuter, folding bike or something to put on the back of your RV for beachside cruises, our Electric Bike Journal eBike Buyer’s Guide has some great eBikes, many of which have some solid discounts and sales.

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For The Rider

Best eBike Helmets of 2023

A bike helmet is one of the best insurance policies you can get when it comes to hop aboard your eBike. Our staff has tested and reviewed eBike helmets for several years from a plethora of brands. In this section of the Buyer’s Guide we highlight some of the standout bike helmets we reviewed this year.

Side profile of Smith Dispatch

Smith Dispatch

An eBike rated helmet that offers top-of-the-line safety and comfort features. If you’re an avid cyclist, then you know how important it is to have a quality helmet. We like the Dispatch for its sleek aesthetic, safety, and removable rear light for higher visibility.

Giro Ethos MIPS

One of our favorite features of the Giro Ethos MIPS helmet is the helmet’s built-in front and rear LEDs, as well as its handlebar-activated turn signals. These components help to increase visibility during low-light conditions, which is especially important for cyclists who frequently ride at dawn or dusk. Additionally, its reflective decals and webbing further enhance visibility and safety on the road.

Smith Network MIPS

Built for every adventure, the Network features a MIPS liner and KOROYD technology to keep you safe. From road to gravel, the Network is lightweight and breathable making it one of our favorite helmets.

Editor’s Pick for Riding Apparel

From wool layers to shorts for everyday use, we’ve rigorously tested and curated the best riding apparel to elevate your biking experience. Gear up for style, comfort, and safety – your journey begins here.

IBEX Mud Season Gear

If you’re a rider looking for the ultimate in comfort and performance during shoulder season, you should have some merino wool layers. Having good gear to help us stay outside is crucial, and Ibex has made a collection to help do so.

ORNOT Lightweight Mission Short

A flexible and fast-drying breathable short built for summer adventures. From gravel rides to getting groceries, they not only function well, they also look good. Without a giant label and a bunch of bells and whistles, these minimal shorts are a great companion for hot days.

POC Mantle Thermal Hoodie

A lightweight pullover perfect for the shoulder season when a full winter jacket is just too much. From cool days to light rains, the Mantle Thermal hoodie will keep you warm and dry without overheating. As the rain comes on heavier the Mantle Thermal hoodie makes a great base layer with a rain fly while offering the thermal boost to keep you warm.

ORNOT UV Trail Shirt

From gravel riding to mountain biking, tech tee’s and jerseys are our preferred shirts for riding. A cotton shirt might look cool, but it’s thick, hot, and likely adds to the overall sweat from warm rides. Aside from not having to load up on sunblock before and during every ride, the UV Trail shirt helps to keep us cool even in the baking hot sun.

Best Accessories of 2023

Unfold the realm of cycling accessories, showcasing the finest gear meticulously tested and approved by our experts. We’ve sifted through the options to present you with the best cycling accessories that blend style and functionality seamlessly.

Smith Shift MAG

Visibility is key for any rider. The Shift MAG features a quick action method to swap out lenses. From clear for low light conditions to a tinted lens of your choice for bright days. The overall lens size offers a lot of coverage to protect your eyes from debris and they breathe extremely well during strenuous rides.

Bivo Bottles

After going through many classic plastic cycling bottles, the Bivo bottles are a welcome sight. To have a bottle that is more durable and long lasting is great. The Bivo trio insulated bottle helps keep your beverage cool when the days get warm. It was nice to know that on the ride I could reach down and get a refreshing cool beverage.

ABUS 6206K Goose Lock

Get the most out of a bike lock without damage to your bike. Unlike other bike locks, the Goose Lock features a unique housing to help keep shape and an exterior soft shell that won’t leave scratches on your bike.

NOCS Provisions Zoom Tube

For those leisure rides heading out into nature, it’s so nice to have the Zoom Tube available to scope nature. The compact size of the Zoom Tube makes it ideal to bring on a ride in either a bar or frame bag.

For The Bike

Essential Bike Tools of 2023

We’ve dissected and tested the must-have instruments for every cyclist’s toolkit. We’ve handpicked the tools that empower you to conquer any road or trail. Level up your bike maintenance game with the gear that keeps your wheels turning smoothly.

Blackburn Wayside Multi-Tool

The Blackburn Wayside Multi-Tool puts 18 tools into your pocket. With individual hex keys and a chain tool, it really has all of your bases covered when needing to perform bike surgery midride. Level up your on-the-go bike tools to be ready for whatever may happen.

Dynaplug Pill

Flats are no fun, yet they happen to us all. Dynaplug is our preferred solution to plug the problem on tubeless tires and get back to riding. The Pill holds up to five plugs and has a micro knife to cut the plug after insertion.

Feedback Sports Range Click Torque Wrench

If you’re like us, you are working on bikes as much as you are riding them. This super compact torque wrench is exactly what every garage needs for bike maintenance and repair. Breaking parts is no fun, especially when it’s due to over tightening.

Blackburn Pro Plugger CO2 Inflator Kit 

No bail out kit is complete without CO2. The Pro Plugger kit mounts to your frame giving easy access and always there peace of mind for a CO2 inflator.

Best Bags of 2023

The best bike bags that blend functionality with style. We’ve curated a collection of top-tier bags to accompany you on your cycling adventures. Whether you’re a commuter or a trailblazer, these bags are designed to carry your essentials with ease and flair.

ORNOT Handlebar Bag

Just the right size. This softshell handlebar holds shape well with plenty of space to store your essentials. It even has a convenient spot to store your phone while you ride.

Blackburn Outpost Elite bags loaded

Blackburn Outpost Bags

Bikepacking made easy. The Outpost series covers every inch of available bike storage. Durable and waterproof, these bags have become a trustworthy friend long adventures. Leaving more room to consider what to bring then how to keep it dry and organized.

Camelbak M.U.L.E. Backpack

Looking for a reliable and weather-resistant backpack for your daily commute on your ebike? CamelBak’s M.U.L.E.® is an everyday carry essential for the daily pedaler.

Two Wheel Gear Pannier Backpack Convertible 2.0 LITE

Sure riding with a backpack is not that big of a deal, but why carry all the weight when your bike can? This bag quickly converts from a backpack to a pannier bag. Keep the weight off while you’re riding with space to carry all your essentials for the office or a casual ride around town.

Editor’s Pick Lights & Accessories of 2023

The best in bike lights and accessories, curated through extensive testing and expert reviews. Brighten your journey and elevate your ride with the finest in illumination and accessories.

Bookman Volume™ comparison

Bookman Volume Lights

Take your bike lights to the next level. The Volume is usb-c rechargeable with a swappable battery. Using a Garmin mount base it fits right in to most bike mount options. Whether it be the 1500 lumen or 800 lumen, the Volume has an ideal beam pattern for night rides and easy adjustment with the Power Wheel, an old school HiFi inspired “volume” knob.

Knog Scout Bike Alarm & Finder

Bring your bike to the Apple Find My network with the Scout. Discretely mount it under a bottle cage and unlock the peace of mind of always knowing where your prized eBike is. Additionally, it has a built-in alarm that will sound off at 85db, alerting everyone around that something isn’t right.

Outbound Lighting Detour

A rugged design to high output lighting. Utilizing automotive light technology for a bright forward beam from the front of your tire on up the road and side light visibility for added exposure to those around you.

Garmin Varia Radar

Getting a close surprise from a passing car is never fun. The Varia Radar uses rear facing radar to alert you of oncoming cars. Pair it with your phone or a Garmin Edge to see visual notifications of vehicles as they pass.

Editor’s Pick Parts for your eBike

From high-performance components to innovative tech enhancements, we’ve sifted through the options to bring you the crème de la crème of bike upgrades. Level up your cycling experience with the best-in-class enhancements that redefine your ride.

WTB Devo Saddle

Handles are made for lifting things, so why not have a handle to help lift your eBike? The Devo Saddle is not only extremely comfortable for riding, it incorporates a handle to aid, in lifting your eBike onto racks or over obstacles.

Schwalbe Johnny Watts

Maximize your traction on and off road. The Johnny Watts is made specifically for eBikes and is their premier SUV tire. The center tread pattern is efficient on road with deep outer knobs for offroad traction. The 365 compound is ideally for year round riding. From commuting to backcountry adventures the Johnny Watts is our No. 1 for mixed terrain use.

Ergon GS1 Evo Grips

The pinnacle of comfort for trail riding and commuting. The GS1 Evo relieves pressure from the hands while riding with a wider surface area due to its paddle-like shape or wing.

Panaracer Gravelking SK

A new favorite for our team for All Road and Gravel adventures. The Gravelking is a durable and fast rolling tire helping to get the most of your gravel bike. And who doesn’t like a classic tan wall?

Redshift Arclight Pedals

Redshift Arclight Pedals

Lights aren’t only for handlebars. The Arclight system is a must for commuters. Bringing lighting to your feet while you’re pedaling means you have 2x more visual exposure of yourself while riding. Alert others on the road of your presence.