A folding electric bike with all the upgrades you’ve been looking for.

The RadExpand 5 Plus is the new and improved version of the RadExpand 5 from Rad Power Bikes. Taking notes from their fans and RadExpand 5 owners, Rad Power Bikes improves on the fan favorite making it better than ever. Across the Rad Power Bikes lineup there are a lot of new features and tech to be seen. The RadExpand 5 Plus is no exception with critical upgrades like the front suspension fork, a torque sensor and a new color display.

New Tech and Features

The RadExpand 5 Plus is a well improved version of the RadExpand 5. Starting at $1899, this compact folding electric bike is stable, powerful and ready to take on all day adventures on and off road.

With a Class 2 rating, the RadExpand 5 Plus has a 750w rear hub motor that uses a torque sensor. This is a major improvement in performance and riding comfort. Weighing in at ~72.5 pounds, 64nm of torque and a 720Wh – 15Ah battery provide ample power to get around town with ease and confidently climb the steepest hills.

The battery is Rad Power Bikes new Safe Shield battery, the same one used on the new RadWagon 5. The all-new Safe Shield Battery is UL Certified to UL-2271. Its thermal-resistant technology is designed to prevent an accident from escalating, protecting you and your bike.

As a folding electric bike, it condenses down to 29″ x 25″ x 41″ for easier storage in just two simple steps. When removing the battery to store in an RV or a tighter space in the garage, the weight of the RadExpand 5 Plus can be reduced to 62.5 pounds.

The RadExpand 5 Plus sits on 20×4″ CST BFT tires with puncture resistance and a reflective strip. Addign to the comfort of the fat tires and something RadExpand owners have been asking for is a suspension fork with 50mm of travel.

The brakes also are improved from mechanical disc brakes to hydraulic disc brakes. Complete with 180mm rotors and Semi-Metallic brake pads.

With the addition of a torque sensor, the significance of a smooth-shifting 7-speed drivetrain is much appreciated. While you can use the throttle at any time, a more natural pedaling feel from the torque sensor benefits from the gears and maintaining desired speeds.

The new display is much easier to quickly read and much easier to see in bright light. Addtionally, there is a USB-C port located at the base of the display to charge up your smart phone on the go.

There is a 315lb load capacity with a 59lb load capacity on the rear rack. The RadExpand comes with fenders and lights. A 200 lumen light out front and a new rear light with integrated turn signals.

Designed to fit riders ranging from 4’10” to 5’10” continue on to see who the RadExpand 5 Plus is for and what are thoughts are on how it rides.

Quick Specs

  • 750w – 64Nm

  • 720Wh Battery

  • Class 1, 2

  • Shimano 7-speed

  • 20″ Wheels

  • $1899

Who is the RadExpand 5 Plus for?

An estimated range of up to 60 miles and a powerful drive unit, makes the RadExpand 5 Plus quite an interesting bike to consider. Generally, we feel that folding electric bikes appeal most to travelers and those with tighter living spaces. Being able to fold it up helps it to fit into smaller spaces out of the way or perhaps under your RV.

With the cliche out of the way, we think the RadExpand 5 Plus shouldn’t be overlooked by those who aren’t necessarily looking for a foldable bike. Rad Power opens the doors to riders starting at 4’10” tall which is notably more accommodating than most electric bikes on the market. Not stopping there, the quarter turn throttle is easy to use, and being paired to a torque sensor gives it much more sensitivity for a much more user-friendly throttle overall.

Final Thoughts

Although it comes with 4.0″ wide tires that are capable offroad, we wouldn’t necessarily make this our first pick for consistent offroad riding. That being said, the Radster Trail would be a much better option for those looking to stick with Rad but want something more capable for rougher terrain.

Our time with the RadExpand 5 Plus was equally as enjoyable as the other new models in the Rad collection. It has a lot of power for it’s size and didn’t seem under gunned at all. Although we noticed the Class 2 restrictions for speed it’s size and balance are better it. When charging down steep hills and getting up to higher speeds it could easily be pushed out of it’s comfort zone for stability and control.

Despite it’s size and smaller wheels, the payload capacity isn’t compromised for heavier loads unlike other folding bikes. Even the rear rack has a surprisingly high load capacity which can come in handy when wanting to do a grocery run or simply haul some gear around for the day.

Overall, it’s great to see Rad Power Bikes making the investment into not just one but many of their new bikes. We are fans of torque sensors and are very glad to see the RadExpand 5 Plus to include one. Additionally, hydraulic disc brakes for improved stopping power is just as important to the overall performance and confidence riders will have.

From a safety standpoint, Rad Power Bikes has done a good job at making their bikes safer with better lighting and a new battery. The new Safe Shield batteries are designed to a much higher standard and the UL certifications support it.

Price: $1899
Weight: 72.5 lbs
Website: radpowerbikes.com