One of the best electric cargo bikes just got better

You’ve probably seen a version of the Rad Power RadWagon around somewhere if you have kept an eye on bikes in the past few years. We reviewed the RadWagon 4  last year, and enjoyed it. Let’s get into our thoughts on the updated RadWagon 5

New Tech and Features

The RadWagon 5 is a class 1 to 3 ebike, but comes shipped as a class 2 ebike with pedal assist and throttle to 20mph. It now has a 15ah 720 watt hour Safe Shield External Battery that is UL certified to UL-2271 Standards. This powers the 750 watt rear hub motor that produces up 90nm of torque. Also new, is the torque sensor that was 5 PAS levels. There is also now a full color display that includes usb-c charging.

Another notable change is that the RadWagon 5 now has 20″ wheels front and back, both with 20″ x 3.3″ tires. There is a fender for the front wheel and a new wheel covering for the rear wheel to protect passengers. Along with the new wheel size, it also features a suspension fork with 45mm of travel.

Furthermore, the brakes have been upgraded to hydraulic disc brakes that have 180mm rotors. Also, there is now a thru axle for the front wheel which secures the wheel better and is more secure. More updates include the 200 lumen headlight and a the tail light has turn signals on them.

Last but not least, the total length of the RadWagon 5 is 3 inches shorter as well as having about a 3″ lower step over height. This ebike is built for a range of riders between 4’11” and 6’3″ with the telescoping seat post. The bike weighs in at 86lbs and has a total payload capacity of 375 lbs, with the rear rack payload of 120 lbs. The estimated range on this bike is up to 60 miles per charge and price is $2199.

Quick Specs

  • 750w – 90Nm

  • 720Wh Battery

  • Class 1, 2, 3

  • Shimano 7-speed

  • 20″ Wheels

  • $2199

RadWagon 5 vs RadWagon 4

The RadWagon 5 brings upgrades from the RadWagon 4 to give the ride a better riding experience. First, it has 20″ wheels, whereas the RadWagon 4 had 22″ wheels. The 20″ wheel/tire combo is a bit more popular now days so getting aftermarket tires will be easier. For the fork, there is now a suspension fork compared to the RadWagon 4 that has a rigid fork. Another nice upgrade is going to hydraulic disc brakes.

One big difference, mentioned before, is the standover height and length. The RadWagon 5 comes in with a standover height of 21″, which is 2.6″ lower. This makes it easier for riders to step over onto the frame, which is helpful with a bike loaded with cargo/passengers. Along with the shorter standover height, the RadWagon 5’s overall length is 2.7″ shorter.

In addition to these changes, the RadWagon 5 also has an upgraded, now UL certified, larger capacity battery. The entire bikes electrical system is UL certified as well. This is a good and necessary upgrade that will keep the RadWagon 5 compliant with states and cities that require UL certification. The RadWagon 5 has the same size motor, at 750 watts, but the new motor produces up to 90nm of torque.

The RadWagon 5 does weight a little more than the RadWagon 4, coming in at 86 lbs. Even so, this gives a higher load capacity by 25 pounds, up to 375 pounds. Also, the RadWagon 5 has more range with up to 60 miles of pedal assist. There are also more color options than previously available.

Who is the RadWagon 5 for?

If you are looking for a solid, electric cargo bike that can haul two kids, the RadWagon 5 is a solid option. We have friends with the RadWagon 4 that easily put two of their kids on the rear tail section with ease. With the added torque in the motor and hydraulic disc brakes, this makes for a much more solid bike from the previous version. Both of these upgrades felt very nice while we rode around in some hills in Seattle.

The ability to switch between class 1 to 3 also makes it more versatile for riders in different areas. If you live in an area that is much more wide open with class 3 bikes allowed, then this is another improvement over the RadWagon 4. For cities or towns that only allow class 1 bikes, the ability to have this ebike in that class range is crucial.

The RadWagon 5 is a great candidate for a household looking for an ebike as a car replacement. Another reason to choose the RadWagon 5  is with the new lower standover height, this bike is easier for riders on the shorter side to get on/off the bike. Moreover, the telescoping seat post adds the adjustability for multiple sized riders to be able to use this RadWagon 5.

Final Thoughts

After enjoying riding the RadWagon 4 last year, we were looking forward to getting a chance to ride the RadWagon 5. Rad Powers did a great job in the upgrades to the ebike while keeping true to the RadWagons in the past. Going to the smaller wheel size from previous gave us some hesitation, but after riding it there were no worries on that.

In addition the hydraulic disc brakes and turn signals, having the UL certified battery and complete bike shows Rad Power is improving the overall safety of their bikes. Along with the lower standover height and overall shorter length, the RadWagon 5 fits more riders easier, and stores easier as well. Visually, the bike looks good and having the new color ways is a bonus.

For people looking into getting en ebike as a car replacement, the RadWagon 5 is a solid option. We enjoyed our time on one and would recommend it for those looking for a long tail electric cargo bike.


Price: $2199
Weight: 86lbs