So many conversations about new bikes have devolved into gram-counting, carbon-fiber-discussing, geometry-obsessing soap boxes. Bikes are fun, and that’s the point Cannondale wants us to remember. With the current rise of e-bikes, comfort, ease, accessibility, and FUN is what the masses are looking for and this is exactly where the new Adventure Neo Allroad enters the conversation.

The Adventure Neo Allroad is Cannondale’s newest e-bike offering designed to allow riders of all abilities to experience the thrill and convenience of tossing a leg over and getting a powered boost (250-750W depending on model) to wherever they need to go whether that’s for coffee, the park, school or that secret beach off the main path. The best bike is the bike you use, and this model ticks a lot of boxes for most of us.

Key Benefits

Engineered for Ease: The Adventure Neo is an e-bike for those who never thought they’d want an e-bike, with an approachable price, simple operation, comfortable positioning, and reliable components that won’t need a lot of maintenance

Stow the Go: Adventure Neo Allroad’s semi-integrated battery is easy to remove and carry, so you can take it with you for peace of mind or easy indoor charging.

Go Your Own Way: Get the groceries. Get the kids. Get to work. Or get away from it all. Since the Adventure Neo Allroad is compatible with tons of different accessories, your options are endless. Set it up to suit your needs and let the good times roll.

Two Frame Styles

Available with both a standard and a low step-through frame design, Adventure Neo Allroad makes getting on and off easy.

Just Stop It

No matter the weather or the cargo, Adventure Neo Allroad’s disc brakes are powerful enough to bring it all to a controlled stop every time.

Be Seen

The integrated front and rear lights are powerful, and connected to the drive motor’s battery, so you don’t need to worry about charging them. And they’re efficient, too, so they won’t drag down your range.

Semi-Integrated Battery

Adventure Neo Allroad’s semi-integrated battery is quickly removable without tools, so you can more easily carry the bike or charge the battery inside if you need to.

There are three models, each with a standard or low step-through design

Adventure Neo Allroad S ($2,025): The Adventure Neo Allroad S is fast. The Class 3 e-bike hits speeds of 28 mph. It has a big, powerful Bafang motor (750Wh) is hidden in the rear hub. The battery is 720 Wh. The Adventure Neo Allroad S features lights, fenders, a rear rack, and a suspension fork.

Adventure Neo Allroad EQ ($1,825): Adventure Neo Allroad EQ is a Class 2 e-bike. It reaches 20 mph and even includes a Rider Assist mode aka a throttle. The Rider Assist matches the speed of traffic. The Adventure Neo Allroad EQ features lights, fenders and a rear rack. The bike also has a powerful Bafang 250 Wh motor and 418 Wh battery.

Adventure Neo Allroad ($1,675): Adventure Neo Allroad is the lineup’s entry level e-bike. Like its EQ cousin, the Allroad goes up to 20 mph. It features integrated lights as well as a kickstand. It also has the same power Bafang drive unit – a 250 Wh motor and 418 Wh battery.

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