A “do-it-all” electric bike from Canada. The DeVinci E-Cartier.

The E-Cartier suits the title well as an everyday do-it-all. Carry your gear and be prepared for the weather with full fenders. All with a highly integrated platform from top to bottom.

I put the E-Cartier to the test on my travels to Northern California. Parking the truck and tackling around-town ventures and even some sporty cruises on the local bike network along the Sacramento River.

DeVinci E-Cartier LTD Specifications

With a Class 1 rating, the DeVinci E-Cartier LTD we had on test uses a Shimano EP801 drive unit that has 250w and 85Nm of torque and a 725Wh battery. While the alternate models have the Shimano EP6 and a smaller battery.

Other unique details of the LTD are a Shimano Deore 11-speed drivetrain and Deore hydraulic disc brakes. The last standout of the LTD is the SR Suntour Mobie 34 fork with 100mm of travel.

The E-Cartier sits on 29″ wheels and is available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large. Starting at $3799, with the LTD model going for $4399.

Circling back to the integrations of the E-Cartier I mentioned earlier. The E-Cartier has a unique enclosure that wraps the stem. This enclosure is host to the headlight and the Shimano Display Unit. It also doubles as a cable guide to keep all of our cables nice and tidy.

The battery is removable from the frame with a key and has a very low profile cover that disappears into the downtube of the frame.

DeVinci takes a non-traditional approach to the rear half of the frame design. The seat stays run very low and parallels the chain line. Coming out of the back of the dropouts is a well designed rear rack that integrates very nicely into the rear design of the E-Cartier.

Quick Specs

  • Shimano EP801 250w 85nm

  • 725Wh Battery

  • Class 1

  • Shimano Deore 11 Speed

  • 29″ Wheels

  • 3799-4399

What we like about the DeVinci E-Cartier

Out of the gate, the DeVinci E-Cartier LTD we had on test gave us high hopes with a quality component spec, fun-looking frame, and of course a Shimano EP8.

As the miles tacked on, the E-Cartier delivered a smooth and comfortable ride. The Shimano Deore 11 Speed was a great spec and made pedaling up steep hills a breeze, tapping into the full power of the Shimano EP801.

The size large was a great fit for me and the upright seated position relieved a lot of strain on my back and shoulders on the longer rides. Additionally, the dropper post, a subtle detail, was much appreciated for stop-and-go traffic and venturing out onto some light bike trails.

My main takeaways of the E-Cartier land at the complete package for quality components and low profile design. With the LTD coming in at $4399, it’s a turnkey bike for commuters and recreational riders year-round.

Who is the DeVinci E-Cartier for?

Of course, the E-Cartier is a commuter’s dream. Fenders and rack aside, its tidy and low-profile design are ideal for keeping things stealthy around town. Really though this is a fantastic bike for recreational riders of all sorts. Having had the chance to push it out of it’s intended box a bit on some singletrack mountain bike trails, it’s safe to say the E-Cartier is more capable than most would assume.

After a few miles of dirt trails, the paved bike paths and cruising around town seemed like child’s play for the abilities of the E-Cartier. This is what makes it such a great commuter. It’s just as ready to get to work as it is to go out and ride 40 miles of your favorite bike paths or backroads.

Final Thoughts

The DeVinci E-Cartier slips right into the top of the pack for premium urban electric bikes. Letting Shimano and Suntour speak for themselves for quality and performance, DeVinci delivers a quality platform to tackle your favorite rides around town.

I found myself asking two questions about the E-Cartier. I found the Class 1 rating a bit underwhelming, a Class 3 spec would have been nice to see and the 725Wh battery would still be able to deliver quite the range. Maximum speed delivery aside, the other note I had landed with the handlebars. They seemed a pinch narrow for the size of the frame. However, nothing that wouldn’t be easy to remedy for each person’s tastes.

All in all, the DeVinci E-Cartier is a fine machine that would leave any rider pleased and impressed with how fun a machine it is.

Price: $3799 – $4399
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Weight: 58lbs
Website: devinci.com