Rugged and ready, the Super73-S Adventure brings a beefy attitude to the S2. 

The Adventure gets beefier tires for more offroad traction, a longer seat and the battery is moved to the downtube of the frame. All these things make the Super72-S Adventure an absolute blast to play on.

Guaranteed to bring a smile, let’s get into the Specifications before we share our thoughts and who we think the S Adventure is for. 

Super73-S Adventure Design

The Super73-S Adventure is a Class 1 or 2 electric bike, but an Offroad mode unlocks Class 3 power for those that are looking for more oomph.

The S series models from Super73 inclusive of the Adventure use a 750w rear hub motor with a peak output of 1500w. Across the board Super73 electric bikes are definitely Throttle biased. The Adventure uses a thumb throttle on the right side of the bars.

There is a 900Wh battery located on the downtube of the frame that is removable with a key. This relocation of the battery from other Super73 models allows the S Adventure to have a longer seat. Additionally, moving the battery to this position brings the weight down lower and offers a more stable riding characteristic.

Overall range is an estimated 40+ miles in Class 2 mode using only the throttle. Super73 claims a 75+ miles for a Class 1 pedal only use. We didn’t quite have the chance to test that range out, but saw over 20 miles of Class 2 throttle use with plenty of battery left for Class 3 Offroad fun.

The S-Adventure has a seat height of 31″ giving it a much larger feel then some of the other Super73 models. The S Adventure also has the McFly handlebars which are nice and tall. This taller seat height and high bars makes the S Adventure much more comfortable and appealing to taller riders.

Unlike the Z Miami we tested before, the S Adventure has an 8 Speed drivetrain making it much easier to pedal for those throttle free instances. The shifter is located on the left side of the bars and it shifts quite nicely across the gears.

The S Adventure sits on 20″ spoked wheels with a 4.5″ front tire and 5″ rear tire. The tires are Super73 branded with a very deep lugged pattern that offered fantastic grip offroad.

All of the models come with the McFly handlebar, except for the Snowshadow SE, which comes with the Blain handlebar that is slightly lower profile.

As mentioned there is an extended seat for more body position maneuverability while riding.

The Super 73-S Adventure has a front suspension fork with tuning adjustments. The fork feels great and makes up for the lack of rear suspension.

The hydraulic disc brakes bed in nicely and feel very good while using. They offer very predictable stopping power in both dry and wet conditions.

Final details of the S Adventure include front and rear fenders and lights. The LED headlight is mounted in very cool looking number plate and the taillight tucks up very nicely between the frame and rear fender.

Quick Specs

  • 750w Motor (1500w Peak)

  • 900Wh Battery

  • Class 1, 2; 3- Offroad Mode

  • 8-Speed

  • 20″ Wheels

  • 3595

Super73-S Adventure Impressoins

With a retail price of $3595, the Super73-S Adventure is no easy expense. Out the gate, I kept that in my thoughts to see if it would live up to the price point.

As a taller rider, the S Adventure was immediately more comfortable felt more “my size” than the Z Miami. At 80lbs it is rather heavy and moving it around the garage to get out riding it was noticeable. Once pedaling though, the weight disappears and the power of the motor shined.

Getting familiar with the S Adventure I spent a couple days riding around town and running errands in Class 2 mode, since that is how it ships. Let’s just say with holiday traffic it was nice to get priority parking everywhere and be able to take all the shortcuts.

The longer seat doesn’t sacrifice any comfort and was welcomed when wanting to shuffle around my riding position whether it be from distance or hauling a few things along.

With the Class 2 riding out of the way it was time to get over to the dirt and go play in some empty fields. I opened up the app and navigated over to Mode 4 or Offroad mode. This is the Class 3 rating.


Twenty eight miles an hour just like that. Instantly the S Adventure lit up. All of the fun I had been having cruising around town in Class 2 mode very much so seemed slow compared to the Class 3 mode.

Racing around, taking tight corners, jumping every bump in sight. The S Adventure started feeling more like a pit bike than anything else.

Final Thoughts on the Super73-S Adventure

The Super73-S Adventure is definitely for someone looking to have fun. Go play in the backyard. Encourage your kids to become comfortable and improve their skills, especially if you’re a moto family.

It’s no commuter or grocery getter. Don’t get me wrong, it has wheels and pedal assist, so technically it’s capable. It’s not made for that however. With a rugged overhaul the S Adventure is really a big toy, blast around and have fun. Smiles for all.

At $3595, it may be a pinch more than we would want to spend on something like this, but it’s component spec and ability to do as it’s meant to do doesn’t indicate it should be worth any less.

Standouts of the S Adventure would be the larger size and front fork. It’s much more comfortable for adults and taller riders. The front fork works very well and makes the lack of rear suspension beyond tolerable. In Class 3 mode darting across bumpy terrain, I mean EXTREMELY bumpy terrain, the lack of rear suspension was a negligible detail.

All in all, the Super73-S Adventure is an absolute blast to ride and easy to ride in the backyard or around the neighborhood without annoying anyone where a dirt bike or pit bike would and likely wouldn’t be legally allowed. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get your hands on a Super73 but worried that it might not live up to the Full Suspension R model there’s no need to hold out. Sure full suspension for an extra $500 might be worth it to some, but the S Adventure delivers a great a surprising amount of range and power to ensure smiles for everyone.

Price: $3595
Colors: Sandstorm, Panthro Blue, Corsetti SE
Weight: 80 lbs