PNW Loam Grips are comfortable and durable

PNW Components Loam Grips have over 1500 five-star reviews on their website, and we agree with every one of those stars. When it comes to handlebar grips many experienced riders, ourselves included, can be rather picky about what grips we like on our bikes. The PNW Loam Grips meet our standards and come in plenty of colors to not only pass the test but accent our bikes with style.

What makes them so great?

PNW Components offers a great collection of stylish and durable parts to outfit your bike. The Loam Grips are their first attempt at a grip and they didn’t hold back. A pair of grips retails for $24 and packs unique tech into a cool design.

The Loam Grip feature water-shedding fins, their “Happy Camper Compound”, and a unique grip pattern that enhances traction and provides support.

The shape of the grip’s “fins” allows water to wick away on wet rides while absorbing vibrations. The Loam grips rubber compound is dubbed the Happy Camper Compound, this is PNW’s blend that’s soft enough to absorb those vibrations while firm enough to hold shape. In other words, it’s a tacky grip that has some flex but isn’t too spongy.

As you look at the PNW Loam Grip you notice two distinct patterns. Thin lines running horizontally to enhance grip and a thicker mountain (chevron style) pattern for the pad of your hand to sit on. The combination of these patterns and “fins” with the Happy Camper Compound brings together a comfortable grip that is designed for the elements.

To keep the Loam Grips fixed to the bars, PNW uses a single lock to keep things snug and free from spinning.

The Loam Grips measure 133.5 mm in length and are offered in two sizes. 30mm and 34mm, or Regular and XL. The Regular grips are the current size of our grips on test and weigh in at 90 grams.

While you can stick with classic black grips on your electric bike, you have 9 other color options to choose from. In typical PNW fashion, add some personality to your bike with some color.

We’ve had a chance to ride many different bikes with the Loam Grips on them. From mountain bikes and dirt jumpers to flat bar commuters. They’ve been great to the touch every time.

PNW’s Happy Camper Compound is firm to the touch with squish in the right areas. This allows your hands to feel more relaxed, especially on unrelenting rough terrain. As a bonus, the grip’s pattern and design keep the grips dryer than most on really wet days.

I’ve had my fair share of grips spin on the bars over the years and have become a firm believer in locking grips. The locking mechanism on the Loam grips keeps things snug ensuring a slip-free grip that’s always in the right direction of your hand.

Along with the split pattern, the Loam grip has a slight taper with the larger diameter being located towards the outside. The Mountain pattern is where the pad of your hands makes the most contact so the added thickness is appreciated.

With a large hand, I tend to favor wider grips. The Loam grips, however, happen to be among a small list of “thin” grips that I prefer. The thicker “mountain” pattern where the pad of your hand rests on the bars is the right thickness to feel the squish and dampen the vibrations that many “thin” grips aren’t able to offer.

Price: $24
Sizing: Regular, XL
Colors: 10 options

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