Make the most out of your summer

Cannondale has been making amazing bikes for an extremely long time, and the Adventure NEO Allroad series is no exemption. Built for the task at an accessible price point. Using the same frame across three different models, the Adventure NEO Allroad is built to tackle dirt trails and your commutes comfortably.

The Lab

Starting at $1675 for the the Adventure NEO Allroad, this is a Class 2 electric bike with a thumb throttle. A first for Cannondale eBikes. If you’re looking to outfit the Adventure NEO Allroad with racks, fenders and lights, the EQ model is $1825 and comes as seen here. Both of these models are the same at their core.

If you’re looking for more speed and comfort, Cannondale offers the Adventure NEO Allroad SPEED for $2025 as a Class 3 outfitted the same as the EQ with the addition of a front suspension fork.

The Adventure NEO Allroad uses a 250w Bafang rear hub motor that uses a torque sensor to manage the 5 levels of pedal assist. Each PAS mode incrementally offers more pedal assist based off of speed, with PAS 5 supporting you up to 20mph. Something to note is that Cannondale was able to work with Bafang in the tuning for the SPEED model that uses a 750w rear hub motor. Together they created the High Five tuning that separates the 5 pedal assist modes into three groupings. PAS 1 is limited at ~14mph, with PAS 2-3 up to 20mph and modes 4-5 offering pedal assist up to 28mph.

They use a 418Wh battery that is semi-integrated into the frame and removable with a key and can offer up to 47 miles on a single charge. The SPEED uses a 720Wh battery and can support up to 71 miles.

There are two different frame designs, a Step Thru and a Standard frame. The Step Thru is available in both a Small and Medium, while the Standard is availble in Medium and Large. All models of the Adventure NEO Allroad use 27.5 x 2.6 Kenda Booster tires that have a great all-terrain tread that offers great traction off road while still being efficient on the road.

There is a microSHIFT 7 speed drivetrain and Tektro disc brakes that use 180mm rotors. The EQ and SPEED models get hydraulic disc brakes as well for the slightly higher expense. The choice of an 11-42 cassette and a 38T front chain ring offers a wide range of gearing that allows for getting the most out of the 250w motor even on really steep hills.

With an aluminum frame and fork, the Adventure NEO Allroad has a comfortable geometry allowing riders to have a very upright seated position. This makes long rides comfortable for all riders.

Quick Specs

  • 250w Motor

  • 418Wh Battery

  • Class 2

  • microSHIFT 7 Speed

  • 27.5 x 2.6″

  • starting $1675

Through town and on the trails

When I think of Cannondale I think of the countless bikes I’ve personally owned over the years and the performance and quality of each one. Cannondale is able to deliver its quality standards to the Adventure NEO Allroad while still offering them at an accessible value.

The Adventure NEO Allroad is an extremely comfortable bike to ride and as without need for upgrades is ready to take on adventures. Cannondale includes plenty of mounting points to outfit bags, racks, etc. If only having one bike to do it all is what you’re looking for, this would make as good of a commuter as it would a bike-packing and weekend adventure rig.

We know many people will likely have their 2¢ regarding the 250w motor, but I found no scenario where it wasn’t able to perform and offer a great day out riding. Cannondale as a bike brand for ages is able to offer years of experience that really makes that possible. Beyond its geometry and ergonimics, the choice of a 38T chain ring paired with the 11-42 cassette give the Adventure NEO Allroad plenty of gearing to choose from to get the most out of the 250w motor. I had the chance to bring it along on a family camping trip in Northern California, where I rode endlessly on countless fire roads. Most of which are very unimproved and quite treacherous. Where other bikes on hand struggled to get a footing and keep up, the Adventure NEO Allroad was able to pedal up the steep, rocky, and bumpy trails with ease.

Go anywhere, within reason

Cannondale will likely be the first to say this is not a “mountain” bike, this is an adventure bike. As a brand, they offer intentionally designed bikes for every type of specific use. The Adventure NEO Allroad is proficient at most of it. When really taking off road riding seriously, the lack of suspension can definitely take its toll on the hands, but being a bike designed for adventures, the SPEED model has a suspension fork and will make riding those fire roads much more comfortable.

Beyond finding it’s limitations on trails that are intentionally designed for mountain bikes, the Adventure NEO Allroad has been one of the most capable bikes we’ve ridden this year. Being a more affordable offering it sees entry-level spec on most of its components. We would like to see the Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes offered on all three of the models, and would likely make that our priority upgrade if taking on the standard Adventure NEO Allroad long term.

Final Thoughts

One bike to do it all. The Cannondale Adventure NEO Allroad from the entry model to the SPEED has been a great addition to our summer lineup and a surprisingly capable eBike. Despite only having a 250w motor, this aluminum framed, fully rigid, has proven capable to handle every adventure I’ve thrown at it. With mounts all over adding extra gear and pedalling the Adventure NEO Allroad out to the woods to find the perfect swimming hole has not only been enjoyable, but rewarding. As I disclosed earlier, I’ve owned many Cannondale bikes over the years and every one of them has come with its own impact to my wallet. To see Cannondale deliver such a unique addition to their quiver of electric bikes for such an accessible price point has us really seeing the pressure on other brands to be responding with their own solutions in the future. After plenty of riding both on and off road the Cannondale name shines through with the Adventure NEO Allroad and we are only looking forward to our next ride and a chance to see the power of the SPEED.

Price: starting $1675
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Weight: ~48 lbs