Moped style offroad electric bike

The Ride1Up Revv1 is an incredibly fun Class 2 moped style electric bike. Offered in both a full suspension and hardtail model, this 750w eBike is a blast to ride and guaranteed to bring smiles.

Coming in at $2400 for the full suspension model, the Revv1 is wildly different then anything we’ve seen from Ride1Up so far. With an aggressive and rugged look, it sets sights to be an absolute Super73 killer without completely breaking the bank.

Ride1Up Revv1

The Lab

The Ride1Up Revv1 has an alloy frame construction with a single speed drivetrain. It is offered in a full suspension and a hardtail model for $1800. Both models have 20” wheels and the full suspension has 20×4” CST Scout eMoped tires for offroad capabilities. The full suspension model has a dual crown front fork with 120mm of travel and a rear DNM air shock with a lockout. The lockout feature of the rear shock is nice for longer rides on smoother roads allowing the bike to be more efficient and consume less battery. 

As a moped style electric bike, Ride1Up was sure to include additional safety features that not only work well, but look really good and add to the “moto” looks. Not only is there a headlight with a high and low beam, but there are also turn signals, a brake light, and a horn.

Along with the Ride1Up 1 year warranty, there is free shipping, and fantastic online support. Assembly of the Revv1 is as easy as installing the front wheel. When the Revv1 arrives, the box splits into two pieces allowing you to easily remove the top from the bike, not only saving your back from having to lift a heavy bike out of the box, but also to make it easy to install the front wheel.

Ride1Up also has a few additional accessories for the Revv1 including: individual batteries, a storage box that fits in the frame, rear passenger pegs.

Quick Specs

  • 750w Motor

  • 52V 20AH Battery

  • Class 2

  • Single Speed

  • 20″ x 4″ Wheels

  • 2395


The Revv1 is an absolute blast to ride and packed full of features. As a full suspension eMoped, it had us looking for all of the offroad adventures. Bridging the gap of a motorcycle and a mountain bike, the Revv1 is a fantastic way to race around town (safely) and find all those local open spaces to have fun.

The dual crown fork feels very stable and offers enough tuning to feel compliant in rough terrain. The air shock took a little longer to set the right air pressure with our shock pump, but once we had it set up, it brought a lot of comfort to the Revv1.

The CST Scout tires are a nice and burly emoped style tire with a large block pattern tread that offered surprising grip offroad.

Overall, the size and weight of the Revv1 leave it feeling very balanced and inspiring confidence when riding. Living in a suburban area with a few open greenspaces and gravel lots near by, I enjoyed the Revv1 most in those areas, not to say it didn’t make quick time to the corner market for a snack all the less enjoyable.

Ride1Up Revv1


Being a Class 2 rated electric bike, the Revv1 is holding a lot of power beneath the surface. While in the normal mode to stay in the legal limits of its certification it feels a bit sluggish and slow to get up to speed. After using offroad mode in open spaces it’s hard to go back to the Class 2 limits.

We found only a few things leaving us looking for improvement, which is fantastic, especially considering the $2400 price tag.

The chain tensioner seemed to constantly drop the chain off of its wheel, which isn’t noticed quickly when using the throttle most of the time. This is mostly a nuisance of its function and we’d prefer for the chain to stay on the wheel and would explore an alternative chain tensioner solution to keep things in place.

Additionally, the brakes never seemed to add that firm bite that we personally are familiar with on most of our electric mountain bikes and motorcycles. We would likely upgrade to some 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes from Magura with larger rotors to increase the braking control.

For those interested in pedaling this bike, it is not the most comfortable electric bike to pedal, fortunately, the grip throttle is there and is all you want to use.

Ride1up Revv1 offroad

Final Thoughts

Overall the Revv1 is a great full suspension eMoped, and for $2400 we consider it to be a Super73 killer.

As a whole our team had a blast riding the Revv1 and found hundreds of ways to have fun without evening leaving the backyard. Moped style electric bikes like this are not for everyone and by no means would we consider it a motorcycle. Time and time again we found ourselves having a lot of fun without having to leave home which is something that we can’t get from our dirtbikes or even our mountain bikes.

The full suspension model has a great rugged look and truly has a lot of capability. It may not have the family functionality of a front loader cargo bike, but the Revv1 is guaranteed to be a blast and offer a lot of fun to anyone who rides it.

Price: $2395
Colors: Moss Green, Graphite Gray

Jumping Ride1Up Revv 1