When you love something as much as mountain biking, it’s only natural to want to share it with your kids, and show them how great it is. Not only that, but introducing them to a life-long hobby that creates rich experiences that can be shared forever. For kids that have learned the ropes and are ready to hit the real trails, the first obstacle can be the lack of physical ability to “keep up”. This can derail even the most exciting bike adventures, when it’s just too dang hard. Watching your kid zip up the trail on the all-new Levo SL Kids is a sight of pure joy. It enables riders big and small to ride together, to bridge the physical age and fitness differences to go further, together.

The Specialized SL 1.2 motor and sophisticated Turbo Operating system open up a wide-world of adventure for the whole family. Discovering the true benefits of mountain biking has a physical barrier of entry, no question. As adults, we understand the grit it takes to appreciate a deep section of trail that took some serious effort to get to. Our kids haven’t seen the views we have, had the experiences (yet), and built the inner motivation to push through for that satisfying mountain overlook. But that’s changing. What kids lack in pedal power they make up with endless wonder and the desire to explore. Levo SL Kids levels the playing field so their imagination to experience the outdoors won’t be limited by their pedal abilities.


The new Levo SL Kids unlocks trail riding’s next level for our future riders, and allows them to ride with you no matter the terrain.


Modern, progressive geometry. Light weight and trail tough. Trail-proven componentry. Advanced Turbo OS technology.

This is designed from the ground up to give them the power, the range, and the confidence to realize their biggest dreams. With quickly developing skills, and body mechanics that are still a work in progress, Levo SL Kids is the keeper of powering new, enriching experiences on the trail for younger riders. But… why did we put this much engineering and attention to detail into a kids bike? Because we believe kids are the future. And we’re not getting there any faster until these riders can blaze their own trails.


The Levo SL Kids is designed with the same rigorous attention to detail that we lavish on our flagship bikes. Lightweight is crucial for a responsive yet planted ride. Geometry should give riders the handling and confidence they need to power up a techy climb or reach the next peak to ride a sweet section of downhill. Componentry should be sized right and built tough enough to handle the rigors of real off-road riding.

At only 36.6 pounds and with plenty of power, it disappears beneath them leaving nothing but fun trail experiences. Plus, with a trusted motor and long battery life, riders can keep up with (or even lead) their parents on the trails all day. 


Proper fit can be the difference between finishing a  ride, and a full-on trail melt down. Well, maybe not that extreme, but the ride can quickly go from fun to frown if they aren’t comfortable. We extensively studied the dynamics of how kids ride, dug deep in to human sizing, and applied the lessons learned from gather that data through retül, into a bike that fits just right and handles gnarly terrain with total confidence. Every aspect of the Levo SL Kids is dialed to let kids shred. A more comfortable experience leads to confidence on trails and more miles together.


Engineered to fit a wide size range of riders. The Levo SL Kids comes in one size and is intelligently designed to deliver a performance ride for riders between 122-152cm (48-60 inches) in height. The low standover provides plenty of clearance for shorter riders, while older, more experienced riders will experience a more nimble ride thanks to a shorter wheelbase.


What powers the Levo SL Kids is the same motor powering our incredibly smooth Levo SL. The same motor that gives you the ‘2x you’ power, can propel your little on even further on the trail. 

There’s enough energy packed in there to easily double pedaling power, and maybe more. Young riders can go farther, keep up with stronger riers, have more fun everywhere, and unlock awesome shared outdoor experiences that everyone – brothers, sisters, moms, and dads – can enjoy together on level footing.

Price: $3800
Colors: Gloss Blaze, Slate Speckle, Black
Size: 24″