Magnate Pannier Three In One

If you were to ask anyone that’s commuted for some time, you would instantly hear the story of how they setup their bike, carry their gear and even what they wear throughout the seasons. It’s an evolving cycle of find the right gear to make it as seamless as possible. The Magnate bag from Two Wheel Gear is a robust pannier that looks as good on the bike as it does in the office. Built for the elements with ample storage, the Magnate does a great job at safely transporting your office and commuting needs in a secure and quick manner. 

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The Lab

Two Wheel Gear’s Magnate is a 24 liter hybrid pannier bag that quickly transforms from a pannier to a messenger bag and even a backpack. The Magnate has 4 pocket sections that include a padded 17” laptop sleeve, internal sleeves, cable pockets, a spot for your water bottle and anything else you can imagine stuffing into this well sized bag. Measuring at 18”x13”x7” there’s ample room for a change of clothes among your work necessities. Additionally, there is a hidden pocket that is home for the High Visibility rain cover for those super wet days. 

The primary material is a Recycled 600D Poly Diamond Ripstop with a TPE Waterproof Coating, that repells water quite well if you get caught out in a light rain or forget to put the rain cover on. Two Wheel Gear includes a top and side carry handle with reflective elements and loops to secure lights to the Magnate. 

All of Two Wheel Gear bags are designed to quickly mount to your bike using the KLIKfix system that adapts to bike racks with rails from 6-16mm. When removing it from the bike the Magnate gives you the option to use it as a Messenger bag with a single strap or a backpack with two straps. The straps stuff easily inside the bag when you reattach it to the bike. 

Is the Magnate worth it?

We use plenty of bags for all different types of riding and the Magnate has made itself home on a few bikes over the last few months for daily commutes. The 24L size may be a little more storage then most people would think they need and definitely for light commuters or commuting in the warmer months it doesn’t quite get as full as it does in the wet months especially if you’re bring a full change of clothes. 

With an average load of laptop, notepad, charger, odds and ends and a change of clothes the bag isn’t overly heavy. We definitely favor the backpack setup when it’s off the bike as its just easiest to wear it that way. 

What we like most about this bag is the combination of its finish and overall padding the Magnate offers. The 600D Poly Diamond Ripstop is highly durable and can take a beating. The padding for the laptop sleeve and elsewhere on the bag leaves us more then comfortable to put our laptop and even a camera. 


Two Wheel Gear does a great job at designing their bags to be at home both on and off the bike. The Magnate is a Pannier Bag first and a Backpack second. Either as a Messenger pack or a Backpack, it is extremely comfortable to wear and easy to convert.

Setting up the Magnate as a Pannier is as simple as unzipping the back pocket and folding the flap inside. This allows access to KLIKfix mount, place it on the rack and use the red latch to secure and lock it in place. For additional security use the lower strap to tighten the bag in place at the bottom of your rack.

When its time to take it off and walk around, your have your choice of messenger or backpack. As a messenger bag its as easy as clipping the strap buckles to the D-Rings. Similarly for the backpack mode, pull the backpack straps out of the back pocket, and clip them to the lower D-Rings.

Final Thoughts

Aside from being on the larger side for most, the Magnate leaves little to not like. A durable shell, clean lines, and mostly blacked out appearance. The orange interior is a bit loud but when you’re hunting for something at the bottom the contrast helps make things more visible. If you’re looking for a pannier bag that can host all of our office needs and a change of clothes the Magnate is worth checking out. It may not be ideal for the minimalist or someone that doesn’t need the large volume, in which case we’d point you towards the Pannier Backpack from Two Wheel Gear that boasts many of the same touches and overall look.

At it’s core the Magnate is a pannier bag and the KLIKfix system seals the deal making it extremely stable and secure to the bike keeping the bulk rigid and predictable. We like the black on black and Ripstop material, it looks very classy and professional especially if you’re changing to a suit for work. We also like that we are confident that it is keeping our things tidy, organized and secure while we’re riding. Overall, the $220 price tag is well justified for committed commuters with a quality and durable construction to last for years to come.

Price: $220
Sizing: 24L

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