The New Velotric Packer 1

New Electric Cargo Bike for 2023

Velotric releases the Velotric Packer 1 their new electric cargo bike. This longtail cargo bike is perfect for commuting and hauling kids around all summer.

The Packer 1 extends the Velotric lineup to have an offering for just about every rider. With a proprietary drive unit, mixed wheel size and a large carrying capacity, the Velotric Packer 1 is a very exciting cargo bike at a much more accessible price point.

As with all of our Tech Checks, this is not intended to be a long term review or endorsement of a product but is instead a chance for our viewers and readers to get a deeper look into some of the newest tech and products in electric bikes. We thank Velotric for the opportunity to create this feature and for getting you some valuable insight on this new offering.

The Lab

Powerful Performance: The Velotric Packer 1 uses Velotric’s VELOPOWER H75 drive unit, a 750w motor with a peak power of 1200w at 75nm of torque. The VELOPOWER H75 is 48v with a ~700Wh battery that provides all the power necessary to tackle steep hills at speed.

Impressive Payload Capacity: Similar to its smaller counterpart, the Packer 1 has a max payload capacity of 440 lbs (200kg), and a rear load capacity of 176lbs. Compared to similar long tail cargo bikes, this is a noticeable increase to the average load ratings of both bike and rear deck.

Customizable Accessories: Tailor the Velotric Go 1 to your specific requirements by adding accessories. Whether it’s a front basket, rear basket, or a child seat, you can customize the bike to suit your needs. Velotric offers a variety of accessories to purchase on their site.

Enhanced Performance and Safety: The Packer 1 has a UL certification on both battery and bike. Not only does this set Velotric apart from other cargo bikes, but also ensure a quality bike. When riding the Packer 1, it has a mixed wheel size that offers fantastic handling and support while riding loaded or unloaded.

Superior Components: The Velotric Packer 1 comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes featuring 180mm rotors and 4-piston calipers for dependable stopping power. Front and rear lights enhance visibility of riders and for the rider. Along with a stout construction, the Packer 1 has an 80mm Hydraulic Suspension fork for rider comfort and a Novatec thru axle that is stronger and more dependable for those heavier loads.

Quick Specs

  • 750w Motor

  • 48v 14.4 Ah Battery

  • Class 2

  • Shimano 8 speed

  • Mixed Wheel Size

  • $1999

More standout features

The Velotric Packer 1 is a Class II electric bike and offers five levels of pedal assist, allowing riders to reach speeds of up to 20 MPH. There is a thumb throttle located that will provide assist up to the max speed assist for each PAS level. The Packer 1 has an estimated maximum range of 52 miles and 45 miles if using the throttle only.

Equipped with a mixed wheel size, a 26X2.4″ front wheel is paired with a 20X3″ rear and CST puncture-resistant tires. The Step Thru frame design can comfortably accommodate riders from 5’3″-6’6″ and has a stem that can easily be configured for ideal reach and bar height. Velotric is launching the Packer 1 in two color options, Sky Blue and Indigo Gray. Surprisingly light in weight for a long tail electric cargo bike with a 750w motor and 700wh battery, the Packer 1 weighs only 75lbs.

With a price of $1999, Velotric enters the long tail cargo segment with a powerful, durable, and most importantly, affordable option. Like the rest of the Velotric lineup, they are able to take it a step further and have an entire collection of accessories to build out the Packer to fit your needs just the way you want.

Our first impression

Velotric’s Packer 1 is their first electric cargo bike but has the fit and finish like they’ve been doing it for years. Our first ride around the block we quickly recognized the new Velopower H75 drive unit, being plenty powerful and quiet. As our ride continued we were able to focus on how well it felt and used the new motor. Baring similarities to the Nomad 1 and Discover 1 Step Thru models, the reach and bar height felt very comfortable without doing much more then setting the seat height. Climbing up steep hills and charging back down them, the H75 motor maintained your speed to the top, and the brakes offered a smooth and consistent braking feel.

With the choice of accessories, we outfitted our Packer with the Balustrade and seat pad and were able to put it to use with a harsh 5 year old critic. Full of smiles, pedaling a young one around is effortless and the 750w motor has more then enough torque to make for a safe and quick ride around town.

As with all of our Tech Checks, this is just a glimpse into these new bikes and we will be seeing how the Packer fares as summer continues. We have thoughts about the battery range and how different PAS modes will have their impact. For now we can say that the Packer would have been a tough competitor in our Sub $2500 electric cargo bike roundup, and being able to blend features like the storage box, load capacity and motor size into such an affordable price point, is our only indicator to feel as though Velotric wants to deliver a great bike to create great memories on.

Price: $1899 Sale ($1999 retail)
Sizes: One Size
Weight: 75lbs