Additional storage on and off the bike

The PNW Components Rover Hip Pack gives the boost of storage when a backpack is too much and there’s no room on the bike. This is a frequent problem that I run into on just about every bike we test… where do I put my things?! Hip packs are an overlooked solution to stay prepared and organized going out for a ride.

Get down with a hip pack

Hip packs are back, well they’ve been back. I’m a late bloomer to the revival, but I’m sold thanks to the Rover. The takeaways for me were focusing on what essentials were necessary to be bringing with me, and having the space for them in a comfortably padded and secure pack.

The PNW Rover Hip Pack uses a tri-layer sailcloth fabric that is lightweight and abrasion resistant. It bares a lot of similarities to X-fabrics seen on a lot outdoor gear.

The main compartment or body of the Rover Hip Pack has two mesh pockets internally, and a padded pocket externally thats great for your cell phone.

On either side, each strap has zippered small pockets that are large enough to fit a Cliff bar or have easy access to your trusty multi-tool.

For fitment, there is a 2″ nylon webbing waist strap that connects with large plastic buckles. Additionally, the Rover uses “Wing Tuning”. This is constructed of two individual cinch straps on either side of the outer edge of the main compartment snugging it down to the waist strap when loaded up with your essentials. This keeps it tight from the outside of the main compartment to the waist strap.

Extending beyond the main compartment that rests on your back, both backsides of the hip pockets are matched with the same padding. The padding with mesh liner is the silent winner of the Rover. They are extremely comfortable while wearing and provide the necessary ventilation to keep things cool.

The Rover has a capcity of 2.7 liters and the waist band can fit 24-48 inches. It has a DWR coating to keep your essentials dry on wet days and a neoprene liner in the cell phone pocket.

As I mentioned before I will be the first to admit I am definitely late to the hippack game. After years of dragging my feet, the PNW Components Rover has been a great introduction and leaves little room to consider alternate hip packs to have a superior benefit.

Regarding volume, 2.7 liters has been consistently more than enough space to store my daily needs for any ride. For the spotty weather where a rain jacket may need to be stuffed inside just in case, it will take up a lot of space inside the pack. Making you decide what essentials you may really need.

With wet weather in mind, PNW has done a great job at choosing durable materials that are weather resistant. Being summer and finding myself out in the woods often, branches, rocks, and any other trail debris have yet to leave a scratch.

Most of my time with the Rover pack has been hot summer days, with a lot of trail riding. The padded material has been one of the more notable design features of the Rover and is what appealed the most when considering it to other bags. It is extremely comfortable for long rides and is rather breathable. Fortunately, I don’t tend to run hot, and after hours of riding in 90°+ temperatures, it has never become too warm to wear, unlike many backpacks I have worn over the years.

Overall, the Rover pack has become an essential carry for gravel and mountain bike rides. It is the right amount of maximum volume to really pack it out for a long day’s ride. It may not seem like such a necessary mention, but searching a bag for the tiny things is always a time suck. The side and internal pockets are great at keeping small things organized and easy to access, with the bulky items lumped in the main pack. Additionally, the detachable water bottle holder has been a great feature for days when you need extra water and don’t have enough bottle cages, or your bike doesn’t have a bottle cage on it.

If riding with a backpack is too excessive, and a frame bag solution is not the right move, we couldn’t direct you to a more well thought out hip pack that is great on or off the bike. 

Price: $79.00
Volume: 2.7 liters
Colors: black, gray, camo, khaki

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