An urban helmet with sleek likes and magnetic light attachment.

The Abus HUD-Y is made to be your go to helmet for urban riding and to blend into any cityscape. It blends a deep fit of a mountain bike helmet and adds some sleek lines to make it more modern looking. With the added rechargeable magnetically attached rear LED, this helmet is ready for cruising around the city on your ebike. We always wear helmets when riding and enjoy when they have added features like a rear light to help you be seen.

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The Lab

The Abus HUD-Y looks like a high quality helmet at first glance. The outer shell has a nice paint finish to it and it also is fairly light. This helmet has a four-shell in-mould design for a durable connection to the outer shell. The inside foam is a shock absorbing EPS material that is blended with the outer shell. There are 2 large air vents on the top and a rear one behind the light. The adjustable brim also helps with airflow when flipped down.

The Fit system is a heigh-adjustable Zoom Ace Urban fit system that has ponytail compatibility for those with longer hair. The chin strap use the Fidlock magnetic buckle which makes unbuckling with one hand very easy. The rechargeable wide-angle LED light on the back has four modes, Power mode, Eco mode, blink mode and pulsating. The magnetic attachment on the back is very easy to place on the back and easy to remove.

One of the top features we like on the Abus HUD-Y is the rear magnetically attached LED light on the back of the helmet. This bright LED has four modes of flashing and is USB rechargeable. This is great for almost all riding situations on the bike, but especially when the light is low and you want to have that added visibility of a helmet light. 

This isn’t the most vented helmet, so I like to wear it when it is a bit colder since it doesn’t have tons of vent to let a lot of air in, but it still does well when it is warmer out.  The Fidlock magnetic buckle which makes it super easy to buckle and unbuckle the helmet with one hand. The fit is nice and snug on my head shape, but our other tester had an issue with the loop that goes around the ear not being large enough. This helmet has been comfortable to wear all day and is my go to when I know the light is going to be low and I want the added visibility of that bright rear LED light. 

Price: $119
Sizing: M, L
Colors: 7 to choose from
Website: ABUS HUD Y

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