Quality Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Rocky Mounts GuideRail 2” is a two tray hitch mount bike rack capable of carrying up to 60lbs per tray and wheel sizes from 20” up to 29” and widths from 19mm to 3”.

The Lab

The GuideRail is an extremely simple hitch-mounted bike rack. Offered in both 2" and 1.25". It weighs only 49 lbs with its aluminum construction.

The trays are made of a very stout machined aluminum that offer great strength and are rated to hold 60 lbs each.

Each tray has two ratcheting arms on either side that hold each bike by the wheels. With a simple flick of the anodized blue ratchet levers, the arms will fold outward, well over 180°. Giving you plenty of room to load up your bikes. 

The arms themselves have an adjustable bridge to accommodate various wheel sizes. With use of the provided tools, lowering the bridge to the lowest hole for 20" wheels or all the way at the top for 29" wheels. 

The GuideRail uses a 3-axis anti-wobble system that tightens via the hitch pin, which has a lock keyed the same as the rack.

Included with the GuideRail is a 10mm square link chain that can be used to lock your bikes to the rack. The chain has a large circular link meant to create a loop around your bike frame, allowing for the opposing side of the chain (without a standard link) to be inserted into the keyed lock on the base of the rack.

The GuideRail is hands down one of the nicest racks we've used to date. For $849.99 you get a lightweight, stout aluminum bike rack that looks very modern and nice on the back of your car. That's just the visual perk, the two arm design with the ratchet mechanism locks the bikes in easily and snug. They don't bounce around or move at all once locked in. Equally by pushing the blue lever in before flicking it out, you release the pressure on the ratchet making it extremely easy to lift the arms out of the way when unloading the bikes. This little detail may not seem like much but after fighting with various other arm mechanism's and having to squeeze the release with all your might, this light touch pressure release is the solution you didn't know you were looking for.

After thousands of miles and many months of use, the Guiderail has held tight and served exceptionally. That being said, it has one restriction to its abilities. Fendered bikes do not play well with the Guiderail, to be honest they don't work at all, the way the Guiderail and similar racks work by securing the wheels doesn't work as a function with bikes that have fenders. This isn't necessarily a problem in the grand scheme of things as RockyMounts does offer a rack specifically designed to accommodate fendered bikes.

If you're looking for a solid well built and lightweight bike rack the Guiderail should make its way to the top of your list. Being able to mount bikes in either direction and not have them collide with each other thanks to the tiered trays is a significant perk when finding the best tray style hitch rack.

Price: $849.99
Sizing: 2" and 1.25"
Website: RockyMounts Guiderail 2