Adventure ready All-Terrain eBike

Mokwheel dubs the Basalt as the world’s first All-Terrain electric bike. Although we absolutely love the claim, we can say for sure that it is undoubtedly adventure ready.

Coming in at $2199, the Mokwheel Basalt is a Class 2 Fat Tire ebike with a powerful motor and an impressive 400 lb payload capacity. We found it made a great bike to get out an explore with and a bike we’ve got a few ideal riders in mind for.

Mokwheel Basalt Features and Specifications

Before we get to far into the specs of the Mokwheel Basalt, there is one key feature that really caught our eye. Breaking the conventional mold of electric bikes, Mokwheel has an inverter that is compatible with the Basalt.

An inverter, what does that mean? Well in an effort to make the Basalt ready for any adventure, it has an extra power port on the battery. Plugging in the Mokwheel Power Inverter to this port allows the rider to capture power from the bikes 48v 19.6Ah battery to charge other devices. Whether you need some juice for USB devices or even standard 110v devices like your laptop.

Getting into the dirt, the Mokwheel Basalt is a Class 2 Fat Tire electric bike. It uses a 750w brushless rear hub motor with a 48v 19.6Ah battery.

Something we’re a fan of seeing is the use of a torque sensor. There is a dual sided torque sensor that creates a well balanced and intuitive riding experience. For those of you Cadence Sensor fans, the Throttle Assist is a great alternative for easy cruising.

There is a Shimano Tourney 7-speed drivetrain and Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 180mm rotors. 110mm of travel is brought to the front with a suspension fork that has preload adjustment and “ABS+” a sort of dampener to stiff things up quickly.

As a fat tire electric bike, the Basalt sits on 26″ wheels with 4.0″ wide all terrain fat tires that have a puncture protection.

For our testing purposes our Basalt was outfitted with the “Bonus” package, one of a few accessory packages they currently offer for the basalt. This package includes full fenders and a rear rack, which pair very well with the Dual LED headlight and LED taillight.

The Mokwheel Basalt fits riders from 5’6″ to 6’8″ and has an adjustable stem to dial in a comfortable fit.

Quick Specs

  • 750w Motor

  • 48v 19.6Ah Battery

  • Class 2

  • Shimano 7-Speed

  • 26″ x 4.0″

  • 2199

Who is the Basalt for?

It’s hard for us to not consider hunters and those generally looking to spend all day outdoors. Perhaps it’s the jungle camo, but with an impressive range of up to 80 miles, a 400 lb payload capacity, and fat all-terrain tires, the Basalt really is ready to haul some gear to go explore.

Beyond the cliche of rugged fat tire bike use, the powerful motor and smooth rolling of the Basalt really would make it a great fit for around town and general recreation use, specifically for taller riders. With a larger frame that favors the height, it is worth mention the Basalt ST (step-thru) has two frame options available to accommodate a wider range of riders.

What We Like

Very Powerful – 750w

Plenty of range – 60-80 miles

High Load Capacity – 400 pounds

Torque Sensor and Throttle

What We Dislike

Favors Taller Riders – 5’6″-6’8″

Heavy – 80 lbs

No App Connectivity

A bit clunky offroad

Final Thoughts

The Mokwheel Basalt is ultimately a rugged bike ready for adventure. As avid mountain bikers we would consider this a hardtail mountain bike, but it really encapsulates the idea of what a fully capable fat tire electric bike can offer.

Overall, the Basalt has impressed us with a powerful drive unit and a large battery that offers plenty of range. The Power Inverter option is very cool and something we haven’t seen before with other bikes.

Ultimately if you’re looking for a mountain bike we would be hesitant to say this is it, but if you’re looking for a capable bike to explore endless fire roads and discover what is at the end, the Basalt may just be the bike for you.

Price: $2199
Colors: Grey, Steel Blue, Jungle Camo
Weight: 80lbs