Stainless Steel Cycling Bottles Made To Last

Bivo was born out of months of conversation about plastic bottles and a bad taste of old moldy water on a trip. The founders realized there wasn’t a solution that could offer performance features and health benefits in a stainless steel reusable bottle. We got to put two of their bottles to the test to see what they are about. Here is our review of the Bivo One and Bivo Trio stainless steel bottle. 

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The Lab

The Bivo One and Bivo Trio are both made with 100% recyclable stainless steel. Secondly, the components are BPA/BPS/BPF and phthalates free and use LFGB compliant food-grade silicone. For the colored bottles they use and anti-slip silicone on the exterior for better grip in your hand and bottle cage. 

Each Bivo bottle uses their patent pending Gravity Flow technology. Designed by their ex-Nasa engineer, this Gravity flow technology allows liquid to flow out of the bottle without squeezing. The result of that is a smooth, consistent and enjoyable experience while drinking from the bottle. 

The Bivo One is single wall insulated while the Bivo Trio is double wall vacuum insulated to allow for up to 12 plus hours of chill. Additionally, each bottle is made to deliver a clean taste every time by using high quality steel and food grade material. Along with that, you can disassemble and clean your bottles. 

All Bivo bottles are made with universal bike cage fit in mind. Bivo looked at most major bottle cages to ensure that the bottles stay put in the cages over rough terrain and bumps. Lastly, with the silicone grip, they wanted to ensure that the bottle didn’t slip from your hand and was rattle free when in the bottle cage. 

Our Thoughts

I was excited to get the Bivo bottles in the mail as I am a fan of using less plastic whenever possible. Included with each bottle is a silicone cleaning straw as well as slimmer bottle cage bolts to help prevent scratching the bottle. This all comes in recyclable packaging which stays in line with Bivos goal of using less plastic. 

I was a bit unsure of how the Gravity flow technology was going to work, so right away I filled a bottle to test this out. To my surprise, the water flowed out of the nozzle much quicker than I expected. The silicone nozzle also has a good feel when taking drinking out of it as well. Bivo also has a dust cap that you can purchase separately to cover the nozzle for when you are taking your riding off road. 

The first few rides I was going to take these on were going to be hotter gravel rides, a good way to test durability and insulation. The fit of bottles in the cage is pretty snug, but they still fit. Each of the bottles I got were the 21 oz size so it was good to see the size difference between insulated and non insulated. The Bivo Trio insulated is a bit taller then the Bivo one and it was noticeable on the bike. 

During the whole rides I did not hear any rattling from the bottles. The silicone exterior has great grip as well as good hand feel when you go for a drink. Out there on the trails there was a good amount of dust, and the Dusty Dirt Cap does its job well. 

Final Word

After going through many of classic plastic cycling bottles, the Bivo bottles are a welcome site. To have a bottle that is more durable and long lasting is great.

The Bivo trio insulated bottle helps keep your beverage cool when the days get warm. It was nice to know that on the ride I could reach down and get a refreshing cool beverage. The Bivo Trio is a bit taller than most cycling bottles. When running it with a frame pump, it was a tight squeeze so I had to run on the forward cage to prevent it from hitting. 

Another benefit of the Bivo bottles is when filling them with a flavored hydration beverage. The plastic cycling bottles all eventually absorb the flavor. The result is then having to trash that bottle since it tastes weird. With the Bivo bottles, the flavor did not absorb into the stainless steel so each fill up tastes clean. Additionally, you can disassemble the parts and do a deep clean. 

The gravity flow was awesome and surprisingly fast, but not too fast. It delivers a steady flow of water when you invert the water to take a sip. Only a couple times after some very bumpy sections did I find it get slightly clogged. It only was when the bottle was closer to empty and after a bumpy section. Easy fix, I just sucked on the nozzle for a quick moment and the water began flowing freely again. 

Overall, the Bivo bottles are an awesome addition to any water bottle collection. They do weigh and cost more than their plastic counterparts, but that comes with benefits you can’t get from the plastic bottles. If you are looking for some durable, cleanable bottles look no further than what Bivo has to offer. 

Price: Bivo One 21 oz $39/Bivo Trio 21 oz $49/Dust Cap $5
Sizing: 17oz-21oz


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