KT Tape® Pro Oxygen™: Elevate Performance  and recover with Infrared Technology

KT Tape® was founded in 2008 and is based in American Fork, Utah. They have revolutionized the sports medicine industry with advanced kinesiology tape and recovery products. Renowned for drug-free pain and injury treatment, KT Tape is a leader in this field. Their mission is to develop breakthrough solutions for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, helping them perform at their best. I have used kinesiology tape to expedite recovery from past injuries. Recently, I had the chance to review the new Pro Oxygen tape to see how it performs. Here’s our review of KT Tape’s Pro Oxygen with Celliant Infrared Technology.

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The Lab

KT Tape has introduced a groundbreaking product: “KT Tape Pro Oxygen™,” a kinesiology tape embedded with Celliant® Infrared Technology. This blend of natural minerals converts body heat into full-spectrum infrared energy, enhancing cellular oxygenation in the taped area.

When properly applied, KT Tape Pro Oxygen with Celliant infrared technology boosts oxygen availability to targeted cells. The tape, made of 100% synthetic kinesiology tape, is ultra-breathable and gently lifts the skin. With the embedded Celliant minerals converting body heat into infrared energy, it stimulates local blood flow and delivers more oxygen to cells.

Designed for peak performance, the tape offers unparalleled support, pain relief, and durability even in demanding conditions. Its high-strength water-resistant adhesive ensures it stays put during intense workouts. The fast-drying, water-resistant synthetic fibers provide exceptional strength, stretch, and recoil, making it ideal for water activities like swimming and surfing.

The Pro Oxygen™ tape strips are pre-cut for immediate use, featuring rounded corners to prevent snagging on clothing and fraying. Each roll comes with 20 pre-cut strips, each measuring 10 inches in length and 2 inches in width.

Our Thoughts

Sometimes, being too much of a computer jockey, I find myself transitioning from long periods of inactivity to suddenly engaging in longer rides. This can lead to IT band issues in my knee. Using KT Tape Pro Oxygen helps me by serving as a reminder to take care of my IT band. It reminds me to warm up properly before any activity and to stretch afterward.

KT Tape Pro Oxygen comes with pre-cut strips that are easy to use and fray less compared to cutting the tape yourself. Additionally, the tape features a stretch guide with a pattern, providing visual cues for applying the appropriate level of stretch during application. The instructions on the website are easy to follow in correctly applying the tape to different areas of the body. There are videos and visuals to make sure you get it as correct as possible.

One of the key benefits I found of KT Tape Pro Oxygen is its water resistance. After a few showers the tape was still in place on my knee. The tape’s adhesive is designed for longevity, staying in place for an extended period during physical activities without losing its stickiness. When it was time to remove the tape, it didn’t leave any sticky residue on the skin.

While the immediate effects of KT Tape Pro Oxygen were slightly noticeable, wearing the tape served as a good reminder of your injury in that area. You do feel the skin lifting, which is how the oxygen is supposed to flow to the targeted area more freely. This constant reminder prompts care of the affected region, stretch accordingly, and take necessary steps to facilitate a faster healing process. The tape becomes a helpful tool in maintaining awareness and providing support throughout the recovery journey. 

Price: $24.99
Website: www.KTtape.com

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