Fat tire electric cargo cruiser

With electric cargo bikes storming the scene, the Murf Alpha Cargo puts a different spin on cargo bike solutions. With Fat Tires and a beach cruiser vibe, the Alpha Cargo is chock-full of ability to inspire transforming your day-to-day adventures.

Murf Electric Bikes is located in San Clemente, California. Known for their beach cruiser vibes brought to their classic looking electric bikes, they set out to design a better way for themselves and friends to get to the beach and go surfing. Passing the crowds to get premier parking.

The Lab

The Murf Alpha Cargo is a Class 2 and Class 3 rated electric bike. With a 750w rear drive hub motor, the Alpha cargo has Pedal and Throttle Assist up to 28mph.

The power is supplied from a 52v 20ah removable battery that uses Samsung Cells. The 1000Wh of battery offers a range of 30-50 miles depending on which pedal assist mode you’re in or how much you lean on the thumb throttle.

At 75 pounds, the Alpha Cargo is a robust electric cargo bike that has a maximum load capacity of 400 pounds. An ideal partner for riding with a passenger to your favorite outdoor zones.

The Alpha Cargo has a Shimano 7 Speed drivetrain which helps to pedal up those steep hills and keep minimal energy output from yourself. For stopping power, there is Tektro Hydraulic Disc brakes that are paired with 203mm rotors. A quality pairing to have comfortable and controlled stopping power.

The Alpha Cargo is a fat tire electric cargo bike with 26″ x 4″ Kenda Juggernaut fat tires. These Kenda tires have a nice offroad tread that provides great grip on loose bike paths. The 4″ width helps to supply additional comfort while riding, like built in suspension.

As opposed to many other electric bikes, the Alpha Cargo has a powerful 18W 1080 lumen LED headlight that will really light up your path.

The handlebars are similar in style to those found on your classic beach cruiser and have comfortable leather grips. The saddle is a wide comfort style saddle mounted to a suspension seatpost. Between the seatpost and the fat tires this rigid framed electric cargo bike does offer a bit of squish for the comfort you need while riding.

Quick Specs

  • 750w Motor

  • 52v 20ah Battery

  • Class 2,3

  • Shimano 7 speed

  • 26″x4″ Kenda Juggernaut

  • 2499

Riding with friends is more fun

The Murf Alpha Cargo is a great way to shuttle around town with a friend on the back. The 400 pound load capacity and powerful Class 3 rating will get you and a passenger around with ease.

For solo riders, taking advantage of the load capacity and the many accessories unleashes the Alpha Cargo to be a well equipped utility bike. Not to mention always getting priority parking.

Compared to similar electric cargo bikes, the Murf Alpha Cargo is one of few with a Class 3 rating and feels very planted and stable when riding around. For us,  that has made the additional Pedal Assist power more enjoyable. Despite the 75 pound overall bike weight, the fat tires and general ergonomics keep the bike planted to the ground and comfortable. This inspires confidence and control when going those higher speeds.

Final Thoughts

Fat tires and a steel frame blend well with the Alpha Cargo. With plenty of power to cruise effortlessly it is a great way to take on the summer days we have. In a town like Bend, Oregon riding a bike is generally faster and finding parking is always more convenient. All summer long the area inspires outdoor activities and the Murf Alpha Cargo has let us transition directly from home to our favorite spots just as easily as driving, if not faster.

Some might consider the headlight a bit overkill, but we’ve found it so nice for evening rides. Lighting up our path in dark neighborhood as we venture back after being out all day. As we consider visibility, we feel it important to share that the taillight is a bit underwhelming. With such a bright headlight we would have liked to have seen a brighter taillight. This is something that is easy to upgrade as time goes on and doesn’t affect the abilities at all.

The grips are the only other part equipped on the Murf Alpha Cargo that we feel less enthused about. They look great and feel great, but they are not as grippy and easy to hold on to as we would hope for. With new grips on the way we are happy to swap those out to get the right control for such an enjoyable bike.

Overall, the Murf Alpha Cargo is a great companion to sunny day activities. Load up the essentials for your adventures and get out for some fun. With summer at hand we’ve been taking full advantage of loading up our water gear and getting down to the pool or our favorite river spots. 

Price: $2499
Colors: Obsidian Black, Artic White, Seabreeze Gray, Desert Sand
Weight: 75lbs
Website: murfelectricbikes.com