What are COB LED’s?

What the heck are COB LED’s? Blackburn’s new GRID Lights use this new “Chip on Board” LED technology. The basics of COB LED’s: more LED’s in a smaller area, brighter, wider view angle, and they are more efficient which means better battery life.

In a nutshell, COB LED lights are a great addition to your commute as they offer brighter and wider light in a smaller form factor.

Blackburn’s new Grid Lights have you covered from front to back, and even on the side. The Grid lights use four different modes: High Solid, Constant Pulse, Fast Strobe, and Eco Flash. All of these modes use different light patterns to catch the attention of others around you to increase rider visibility.

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The Lab

The Grid 2’Fer is a front or rear combo light for $30. With up to 175 lumens in front white light, or up to 55 lumens in rear red light. They also have an amber ring around them that helps reduce glare and more side light visibility. The 2’Fer offers up to 25 hours of light and mount using a silicone strap or a clip option to secure to a pack or your belt.

The Grid Front and Grid Rear lights are small lights with a lot of bright, with up to 110 lumens. Equally the rear is up to 40 lumens of light. Both have a silicone strap and clip style mounting option. This means you can mount it directly to your bars or seatpost, or clip it to a bag that may block those options otherwise. Both are $25 ea. and will last you 1.5 to 20 hours of active light time.

Often neglected when considering on-road light visibility, the Grid Side Light set for $55 is the perfect addition to a front and rear light, to help riders be seen. Each light has up to 110 lumens of amber light for up to 20 hours and is intended to mount to your fork to offer 360° visibility.

Overall, Blackburn has delivered a great lineup of lights with the Grid series. The use of COB LED tech is noticed with more intricate patterns in the different modes, a wider view angle and seemingly a brighter light for the same Lumen rating as other lights. These lights are all IP65 rated and USB-C rechargeable. All of these lights are rated at a minimum of 1.5 hours in High Solid mode, and upwards of 22 hours or more in the ECO Flash mode. So far I have found myself using High Solid on the 2’Fer when used on the handlebars, Fast Strobe on the Side lights and Eco Flash on the rear light. Although riding in the dark hours is noticeably less during winter, the Grid series lights have been a great way to feel seen when out on the road.

Price: up to $55
Website:Blackburn Grid Lights

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