Functional and stylish bike lights from Knog

Knog has been in the business of making stylish, aesthetically pleasing and functional cycling accessories since 2002. In the years since, they have developed and produced many award winning designs. My first experience with Knog was with their Frog silicone light, and they have been on my radar since. It was nice to get a hold of some of their bigger bike focused lights. Here is our review of the Knog Blinder and Link lights.

The Lab

Knog Blinder 900 Front Light

The Blinder 900 is a 900 lumen, usb-c rechargeable front bike light. The light is fairly compact and made of a full CNC construction. This light is more focused for the road rider with a road focused beam of light. It can provide illumination up to 330ft. Additionally, the Blinder 900 uses industry leading batter tech which provides 2 hours of runtime on full brightness. In Eco Flash mode, you can get up to 120 hours of runtime. There are six pre-programmed light modes to suit a variety of conditions. The light is 100% waterproof as well, with an IP67 rating. Lastly, the Blinder 900 also comes with two types of mounts, a go-pro style attachment and a tough rubber strap for your handlebar.

Knog Blinder Link Rear Light

The Blinder Link Rear light is a 100 lumen, usb-c rechargeable rear light that has two mounting options. There is rack mount option, or a saddle mount. We are reviewing the saddle mount option that clips under the bike seat. The light has an easy clip on/off attachment to easily remove from the bike to charge. There are eight different flashing modes that can be seen from over 3000ft away. Run time is up to 50hrs of run time, depending on which flashing mode you use. Additionally, the Link is 100% waterproof with an IP67 rating.

Our Thoughts

Right from the get go you can tell there was a lot of thought in the user experience for each of these lights. From the nicely designed packaging to the feel of the lights in hand, Knog clearly wants you to enjoy these lights. As winter settled in, I knew I’d be putting these on my bike so that I could be more visible to vehicles, as well as see the road better in the darker winter days.

Knog Blinder 900

The Blinder 900 was easy to mount on the handlebars using the included rubber handlebar mount. Along with the sturdy attachment of the mount onto the bars, the light securely clips into the holder with a firm press onto it. You can adjust the placement a bit forward or backward by sliding the slight forward or backward on the holder. This is beneficial if you have any other accessories on your bars that may get in the way.

When on the bars, the Blinder 900 is easy to turn on and off with the button on top. A nice feature of this button is that it illuminates green around it so that you know it is on, and will change colors to indicate when the battery is getting low. In addition the Blinder 900 has little windows on the side of the light, which give some visibility from the side.

The Blinder 900 feels really solid, which gives me comfort that this light will last. The full CNC’d body also looks great on and off the bike. During cloudy and gloomier days I was running the light on strobe mode to help with visibility from cars coming towards me. The Blinder 900 is definitely bright, and you can see it from a solid distance away. This shouldn’t be something to let your guard down, but it helps with some piece of mind you are doing what you can to stay visible.

When the daylight really dimmed, having the Blinder 900 on medium steady mode gave ample light on the road in front. It is nice to know that you do have a higher mode if you have a longer stretch of dark road, but for my situation medium worked well. I didn’t go on a ride where I was worried about the battery levels. It is easy enough to unclip the light from the mount that I just brought it in to charge if my ride was over 2 hours long.

Knog Blinder Link

The Blinker Link was fairly straightforward to mount under the saddle. Once you get it positioned you tighten the saddle clips on there and they feel very sturdy. Unlike some lights where you may have to take the whole thing off the charge, the quick clip of the Link makes taking it on/off quick and easy.

With the 8 flashing modes on the Link it is pretty fun to cycle through to see which you like. During the day I kept it on the Pulse flash mode as I felt it would catch drivers attention with is going from dim to bright. The width of the light is nice, and spreads the illumination of the red light well. The position under the saddle is out of the riders way, but still in a good position for visibility to vehicles.

Additionally, there are lights beside the button to let you know if the battery is low. This is helpful if you will be running this light often. I did use it on a fair amount of rides on gloomier, darker days to help keep me more visible to traffic from behind.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Knog Blinder 900 and Link have been solids lights to keep on the bike. From the build quality to light output, they have not disappointed. It was easy to remove the lights for charging, and to put them back on the bike before a ride. Despite the ease of removing, I never worried about them coming off the bike on bumpier roads.

If you are looking for some stylish bike lights for your road riding, definitely consider the Knog Blinder 900 and Link light. Additionally, if you want a brighter from light, Knog makes the Blinder 1300 for a brighter experience on the road or gravel.

Price: Knog Blinder 900 $79.95, Knog Blinder Link $59.95