Outbound Lighting Wireless Road Bike Light

The Outbound Lighting Detour wireless road bike light is made to help you see the road better. Using car light technology, this light has many thoughtful features. Here is our review of this rechargeable light that is made in the USA.

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The Lab

The Outbound Detour road light is a handlebar mounted bike light with approximately 1200 lumens. There is only one button to keep operation simple. The four LED lights indicate what mode you are in. The charging port is a USB-C port which also offers pass through charging. This allows you to use a power bank to charge the light as you use it. The body of the light is made of a thermally conductive nylon that is strong and helps keep the light cool to the touch. The battery capacity is 5000mAH to give you plenty of power for up to 8.5 hours of use in Low mode.

Outbound uses their experience with automotive lighting to create a clean cut-off beam pattern. This evenly illuminates the road in front of you compared to a beam like concentration of light. When first turning the light on, you definitely notice the nice wide spread of the light on the road. It’s really nice to see the spread go wider than your riding path so you can see outside your lane. This also makes it very visible to oncoming traffic which is also important when visibility gets low. The Outbound Detour light has four main modes, adaptive, high, medium and low. There also is a daytime flash and a nighttime flash modes as well.

The handlebar mount can fit 31.8mm bars and 35mm Bars with a shim. This mount uses a hex bolt to secure it on the bars, and once it is on there there it does not budge. One drawback of this is that if you are switching this light between bikes you will have to use a tool. Getting the light on and off this quick release is very easy by hand and once on feels very secure. This quick release is convenient for taking the light off to charge, or use in your house when the power goes out(I know from experience…)

In use, the Outbound Detour light is as impressive as its build quality. The wide beam is really nice in illuminating the road in front of you. It may seem wide on the bars compared to some single beam lights, but having the wider light on your bars is worth the road illuminating benefits. The one button operation is super convenient as well and glove friendly. There is also a 20 min “get home” buffer built in when your battery gets low. We did not have to use that at any point luckily, but it is comforting know it is there.

The Outbound Detour Road Bike Light is an awesome light built for those that want to be riding in the dark longer. It does come at a pretty high price point, but you get a bright light with some very well thought over features. If you are looking for a bright light to enhance your riding into the dark, the Outbound Detour Road Bike Light is a very solid choice. Bonus points is that it is made in Chicago, Illinois!

Price: $179
Website: www.outboundlighting.com

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