Lightweight folding electric bike

We have tested a few electric bikes now, and one aspect leaving us wanting more(well, less) is the weight. They have all been over the 60lb mark, which is on the heavy side for a lot of people. In comes the Blaupunkt Fiete, an under 50lb folding electric bike, let’s get into the review.

Blaupunkt Fiete Folding Electric Bike

The Blaupunkt Fiete is a Class 2 folding electric bike, offering both pedal assist and throttle assist up to speeds of 20mph. Its single die-cast magnesium frame houses a 36V 10.5Ah battery, equipped with an integrated battery management system.  Charging time spans between 4 to 6 hours.  This powers the 350W rear hub motor capable of generating up to 50Nm of torque. The Blaupunkt Fiete utilizes both cadence and speed sensors and features 20” magnesium wheels with 2.125 tires, a Shimano 6-speed drivetrain, and hydraulic disk brakes on both the front and rear.

Additionally, it boasts an LCD display showing essential bike information such as speed, trip meter, and battery level. Furthermore, the whole bike is UL certified. The Fiete weighs 47lbs and can support riders up to 265lbs. With an estimated range of 44 miles, this feature-packed electric bike is priced at $1599.

Quick Specs


The Blaupunkt Fiete is a nice small folding bike. When the shipment arrived, it was noticeable how much lighter it was from other folding bikes we have reviewed. Overall first impressions of the Fiete are that it is a well made, quality ebike. 

Along with a quality finish, the Fiete is easy to fold and unfold. Folding and unfolding the bike is simple, just a few steps and you can get the bike ready to ride, or ready for storage. Also, weighing 47 lbs, it is easy enough to lift into a taller vehicle with ease. It also packs down small to take up less space. You can also purchase an optional Blaupunkt rolling case to put the bike in for transportation.

In addition to holding easily, it has a small wheel on the bottom bracket area which helps with storage of the bike to not damage the frame. The fiat is pretty quick for its size. It’s 350w motor can get you going to a nice speed relatively fast in the higher pedal assist modes. Moreover, the twist throttle is nice to get you going, and then you can pedal to stay at the speed you would like. The Fiete handles well for its smaller size, the front wheel sits far enough out from under the handlebars to create a more stable ride. Along with the other features, the Fiete comes with fenders to help block debris from getting on you. 

Lastly, the Fiete is fully UL certified. This is great for peace of mind as well as for those who live in cities that require a UL certified bike. Being this is a smaller bike it may be stored in peoples houses or vehicles, it’s good to know the bike is UL certified.


There wasn’t much we didn’t like about the Blaupunkt Fiete. One thing that I noticed when pedaling hard is that the pedals have some flex to them. That’s due to the pedals being folding pedals for storage. This only happened when I was really pedaling hard, putting a lot of weight into it, which may not be what most people do. If you don’t plan on folding the pedals, it would be easy enough to put some other pedals on there that are stiffer. 

Additionally, the battery cover on the back is just a flap, which makes it easy to remove the battery, but it would be nice to see it be fully enclosed. This doesn’t affect the performance by any means. Nevertheless, we did notice some dust that collected in there since it isn’t fully closed. In fact, it does make taking the battery out with one hand very easy. 

Final Thoughts

Talking with the Blaupunkt team at Sea Otter Classic this year, they mentioned this bike has been a favorite for small plane pilots who want to bring a bike with them. I had never thought of that being a use case, but it makes sense as the smaller planes have pretty strict weight limits. The pilots would bring the bike with them on flights and use it to get from the plane on the runway back to the airport. Pretty neat use case.

The Blaupunkt Fiete is an ideal bike if you are looking for a lightweight, portlable folding electric bike. Coming in under 50lbs makes it easy for those that need to pack it into a smaller space, whether that be the trunk of a car or carrying it up some flights of stairs. 

Price: $1599
Sizes: One Size
Weight: 47lbs