Budget Friendly Mid Drive Urban Electric Bike

The Vanpowers UrbanGlide Ultra is an ebike that comes with a much nicer price than most mid drive commuter bikes. The UrbanGlide Ultra is the top of the line model in the UrbanGlide line. Lets get into the review of the Vanpowers UrbanGlide Ultra.

Vanpowers Urbanglide Ultra

The Vanpowers UrbanGlide Ultra is a Class 1 electric bike with pedal assist up to 20mph. The Urbanglide Ultra has a 690 watt hour UL certified battery that is removable from the bike. This powers the Bafang 500 watt M600 mid drive motor that produces up the 95nm of torque. The motor uses a torque sensor as well as two speed sensors. The Urbanglide uses a 9 speed Microshift drivetrain and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors. The stem is adjustable to as well, so you can set that to your liking. In addition to all this, the Urbanglide Ultra has a front suspension fork with 180mm of travel, as well as a suspension seat post with 30mm of travel.

The Urbanglide Ultra has 27.5 in wheels with 2.2″ Kenda tires. There is a front and a rear light, as well as front and rear fenders. The display is a color TFT-LCD display to give you the bikes info and it is also able to connect to an app on your phone. The Vanpowers UrbanGlide Ultra weights 70.55 pounds and has an estimate range of 65-70 miles. It is available in a small and a large and the price tag is $2499.

Quick Specs


The Vanpowers Urbanglide Ultra is a smooth riding bike. Not only does the step through design makes it easy to get on and off the bike, the frame has a nice classic step through look. The suspension fork and suspension seat post do a good job of dampening the bumps on the road. While riding at speed, the bike handles well and feels well balanced. In particular, we got this bike well over 30mph and it handled it with ease.

Having an adjustable angle stem helps you dial in the angle that is more comfortable for your riding preference. Also, the quick adjustable seat post makes this more usable for multiple people in a household if you are around the same size. The large color screen is bright and you can see all the info easily on it. 

The Bafang mid drive chosen for the UnrbanGlide Ultra is smooth and powerful. We have ridden this motor on the Econic 1 we reviewed, and it was nice to see it on another ebike. You feel a nice assist from the lowest assist modes all the way through to the highest level. Throughout the pedaling it delivers smoother power you can feel. Last but not least, the motor is pretty quiet compared to a rear hub motor and we enjoyed that.


Firstly, The Vanpowers UrbanGlide is not the lightest bike, coming in over 70lbs. This puts it on the heavier side, making it harder to put on car racks or carry up any stairs. Nonetheless, the battery is removable tho, so you can bring that inside and up some stairs if that is where you need to charge it. This battery is also UL certified so you have that peace of mind that is made to the UL standards. 

We did notice that the paint wasn’t the most durable. While moving it around in the garage and working on it a little, we noticed that the paint got chipped fairly easily. Just something to note to be careful when moving it around near metal or sharper objects.

Final Thoughts

The Vanpowers UrbanGLide Ultra is a nice bike for someone looking for a smooth, adjustable urban focused ebike. The step through frame makes it easy to get on or off the bike when running errands or riding in a city with many stops. 

It is priced well for a mid drive urban focused ebike. The pairing with the Bafang mid drive motor makes for a good riding experience with plenty of power. Most mid drive ebikes come with a higher price tag, so if you are looking for a lower priced mid drive ebike this is definitely one to consider. 

Vanpowers does make other versions of the UrbanGlide that use hub drive motors that come in at lower price points as well. If you like the styling of the Urbanglide but the mid drive is out of your budget, the hub drive bikes may be the ones for you.  

Price: $2499
Sizes: Small, Large
Weight: 70.55lbs
Website: www.Vanpowers.com