Urban helmet with MIPS for $115

The Cannondale Sidestreet MIPS Urban Helmet is lightweight with the safety of MIPS all packed into a good looking helmet for Urban riding. With a fixed visor and a dozen vents, the Sidestreet helps to keep you cool and keep the sun out of your eyes. Our size Medium Sidestreet in Starry Night Black has been a great addition to summer as a helmet that has been comfortable to wear even on +100°F days.

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The Lab

The Cannondale Sidestreet MIPS Urban Helmet is the most stylish helmet in the City lineup for Cannondale. Beyond the looks, the Sidestreet is equipped with MIPS and retails for $115. MIPS Evolve is the most common MIPS technology in helmets, with a lighter construction and increased airflow, the MIPS liner reduces rotational forces to the head during impact. 

Like the rest of Cannondale’s helmets, the Sidestreet use in-mold construction. This process bonds the polycarbonate outer shell and foam inner layers into one solid piece. This allows for the helmets to be lighter and stronger. The Size medium weighs in at 360g, thats about the same weight as a full can of soda pop. 

The Sidestreet features an integrated visor in a fixed position which aids in keeping the sun or rain out of your eyes. Above the visor is the largest of 12 vents, a full width brow vent is used to maximize the amount of airflow being drawn into the helmet. On top their are 6 additional vents with 5 vents in the rear. 

Cannondale’s BioMap Fit philosophy is founded on the idea that no two heads are the same. The Sidestreet has unique shaping and coverage to ensure a wide range of fitment. Additionally, the Sidestreet uses an elastic band as the rear strap, this creates an adaptive and responsive snug fit.  

The Cannondale Sidestreet is offered in sizes: Small, Medium, Large, with three different color options: Pixel White, Starry Night Black (tested) and Electric Yellow. The sizing is very true and due to the BioMap Fit and elastic strap it is easy to size and secure it comfortably.

Having had my fair share of spills on two wheels, a MIPS liner has become a priority when seeking out a helmet. The Cannondale Sidestreet uses the MIPS Evolve liner is unobtrusive to comfort and gives you not only protection but peace of mind for the most safety.

From cool summer mornings to sweltering hot afternoons, the Sidestreet allows for a lot of ventilation to stay cool when you need it. The large full width vent above the brow is noticeable while riding as you feel air enter the helmet.

The fixed visor is a great touch to the Sidestreet as an urban helmet. Like all of my mountain bike helmets, the visor is an extremely effective addition to helmet design in blocking sunlight. Equally when it starts to rain it extends the fall off range for water as it drips down off the helmet preventing it from falling behind your eyewear or directly into your eyes.

Speaking of eyewear, this is the only area of fitment that we struggled with. Some sunglasses, specifically wider frames, struggle to fit under the helmet.

General fitment of the Cannondale Sidestreet MIPS Urban Helmet is adaptive and comfortable overall. The use of an elastic strap on the rear of the helmet keeps it snug. For those with long hair, the elastic strap is a nice tough in allowing it to stretch depending on chosen hair styles.

Overall, Cannondale really brings a good looking helmet to their City lineup of helmets. For urban riding it doesn’t look overly technical like many helmets do allowing it to look great with casual wear. It’s great to see a safe helmet with MIPS around $100. More helmets with more safety for affordable prices is the future we enjoying seeing.

Price: $115
Sizing: Small, Medium, Large
Colors: Pixel White, Starry Night Black, Electric Yellow
Website: cannondale.com

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