We took a look at all the bikes we’ve had a chance to test this year and created a list of our stand outs. From our Editor’s Overall Picks to Best Value, these are some of our favorite electric bikes of 2023.

Jump Ahead

Editor’s Pick Best Everyday

This was one of the bikes I wish we didn’t have to send back. The Canyon Precede:ON CF 8 checked all the boxes for me. From the sleek lines, to the weight of the carbon frame, and the fit of the bike, I liked it all. If you are looking for a high performance commuter that combines speed, functionality and style, this is the ebike for you.

Canyon Precede: ON

Starting at $2599

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Favorite Riding Style:
All Road/ Gravel

Ideal Tire Size:
700c x 42c

Preferred Drive Unit:
Shimano EP801

Editor’s Pick Best Overall

Orbea Kemen SUV

A one stop shop. Do it all, true SUV. The Orbea Kemen SUV is just as good cruising to the coffee shop as it is taking it out for an overnight excursion bikepacking. Got kids? The rear end will hand a bike trailer with ease and still leaves room to use the rack to carry panniers and a small cooler.

A mountain biker at heart, the Kemen SUV allows me to still enjoy riding trails while not compromising comfort and efficiency on the tarmac. The new Shimano EP801 drive unit are just one of the many high quality components that deliver an enjoyable ride in any environment.

Orbea Kemen SUV

Starting at $3699



Favorite Riding Style:
Mountain / Gravel

Ideal Tire Size:

Preferred Drive Unit:
Bosch Performance Line Speed

Best for the Family

Cargo bikes and families go hand in hand. The Velotric Packer 1 ranks the highest on our list for value when it comes to finding the perfect long tail cargo bike. It features a mixed wheel size for better control and comfort, Apple Find My integration and an impressive range. Not to mention a perfect load capactiy to load up the kids and run around town.

Velotric Packer 1

Starting at $1999 $1599

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Best for Commuting

At first look you may not even think the Orbea Vibe is an ebike. The nicely integrated batter and classic look made this stand out for us. The Mahle X35 Plus rear hub drive is smooth, quiet and powerful enough to get you around town with ease.

Orbea Vibe

Starting at $3199

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Off Road Adventure Beast

This updated version of one of Aventon’s most popular bike just added to the value of what you get for the price. With more features now packed into this ebike, you get a bike that is smooth on the pavement and pretty capable off road.

Aventon Aventure.2

Starting at $1999 $1599

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Gravel Adventure Champion

Moots took all there knowledge they have gained in the gravel bike space and created their first electric gravel bike, and it doesn’t disappoint. From style to ride quality, this bike makes you want to search out more gravel roads to adventure on.

Moots Express

Starting at $9999

Budget Friendly Gem

Lectric’s number one seller for a reason. When it comes to value, the XP3.0 comes with fenders, racks, a powerful motor and an impressive range. Not to mention it is a folding fat tire electric bike that won’t take up much space in the garage. And for those of you who don’t have a bike rack, it’s easy to fit into most cars.

Although it may seem small with 20″ wheels, we can’t help but add it to our list for those looking to enter the electric bike world. Outfitted with almost everything you need to start your commuting adventure. Kit out with baskets and this mighty machine will impress you with it’s high load capacity.

Lectric XP3.0

Starting at $1305 $999

Other EBJournal Favorites

Not much for bells and whistles? The Ride1Up Gravel Roadster V2 has been one of our favorite eBikes this year. It is extremely low profile with an integrated battery and a single speed setup. We’ve found it to be lightweight and comfortable riding around town and exploring fire roads. The low entry cost leaves plenty of room to upgrade parts along the way.

Ride1Up Gravel Roadster V2

Starting at $1345 $1145

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This little electric cargo bike packs a good punch for its size. If you are short on space, or smaller in size, this bike can still do those daily errands with no fuss. With a UL certified removable battery this makes it a good option for someone looking for a smaller cargo centric ebike.

Velotric Go 1

Starting at $1799 $1299

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