The Gazelle Ultimate T10+ HMB is one of the top of the line electric bikes from Gazelle. Gazelle has over 130+ years making bikes with passion and dedication. They produce around 300,000 bikes a year and want to share that passion all over the world with people that ride their bikes.

The Lab

The Gazelle Ultimate T10+ HMB is a class 3 bike with pedal assist up to 28mph. It is equipped with a mid-drive Bosch Performance Line Speed motor provides 85Nm of torque. It has a torque sensor, rotation sensor, speed sensor. The torque sensor measures how hard the rider is pedaling to determine how much electric power to push to the bike forward. Integrated into the frame is a 500w hour battery that is also removable. There is also an option to add a second battery to potential double your range.

This mid-step version has a Suntour Mobie 45 suspension front fork with 80mm of travel. It is equipped with a 10 speed Shimano Diore drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes front and rear. It has an adjustable stem with slightly curved handlebars that have ergonomic hand grips on them. The Wheels are 28-inch Ryde Dutch rims with ebike-specific 1.75-inch-wide Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires with an internal puncture-protection. Integrated on the bike is a headlight and tail light and it also comes with a rear rack. A rear wheel lock built onto the frame that has an option for a plug in cable to lock to a fixed object.

The Gazelle Ultimate T10+ HMB comes in weighing 51.2 lbs. Estimated range is 55mi in eco mode and 20mi in turbo mode. There is also a High-Step version available.


The Bosch mid drive performance line speed motor is smooth and quick. You can feel the motor react with your pedaling and the torque sensor does a great job of detecting your power input. The bike is quick and handle well at speed, getting up to 28mph is easy when in sport or turbo mode. The 10 speed drivetrain gives you plenty of options of gears so you can choose the ride gear for pedal efficiency. At speed the bike handled well, it did not feel unstable and it felt planted. The front suspension fork was very welcomed in bumpy streets, it dampened the bumps in the road well, but was stiff enough to not feel like your front end was losing any efficiency while pedaling. 

The integrated lights are bright and very nice to have seamlessly integrated onto the bike. The included rack worked great with some panniers we added on for a grocery run and adding those panniers made this bike much more versatile. This bike comes ready with many thoughtful accessories making it ready for your commute.


The water bottle cage on the mid step is right where your crotch would be on the top tube when getting off the bike. This puts it in a bit of an awkward spot, and could get in the way when getting off the bike. Depending on the size it could fit under the top tube, but being on top isn’t ideal. There is no throttle on this bike so it is all pedal power, if you happen to get to a stop in a higher gear, you will have a harder start to get going. So before you get to a stop make sure you shift down to a gear that is easy enough to get going from. 

No quick release seat adjustment. Most bikes in this more premium price range don’t have this, but if you’d like use this between family members to replace a few car trips a week this would help a lot so you don’t need to use a tool to raise or lower the seat.

The Gazelle Ultimate t10+ HMB is an awesome accessory packed bike with great looks from a company with 130+ years of experience. This bike is pretty ideal for someone looking to make that bike commute to work fast and comfortable. From the fast and powerful Bosch performance line speed motor to the integrated lights and rack, Gazelle hit the mark with the Ultimate t10+ HMB. If you are someone looking for a fast, comfortable commuter bike, the Ultimate T10+ HMB is a great option.

Price: $4,199
Sizes: 43, 53, 57
Weight: 51.1lbs