The Super73-Z Miami is the new entry level bike in the Super73 line up. If you have been researching electric bikes, or just kept an eye out for bikes, you are bound to have seen a Super73 riding around your city. With cool styling and bright colors, the Super73-Z Miami was something we definitely wanted to ride to see what the hype was about.

The Lab

The Super73-Z Miami has a 615 watt hour mounted under the seat that is removable so you can charge it on or off the bike. The motor is a 750watt rear hub motor with 1200 watt peak power. There is a cadence sensor to sense when you are pedaling and to activate the motor, as well as a speed sensor to tell you your speed. On the right hand side of the bars is a thumb throttle that works in any pedal assist mode.

There are 4 class modes you can choose from as well as 4 pedal assist modes

  • Class 1 is pedal assist only up to 20mph
  • Class 2 mode has pedal assist and throttle up to 24 mph 
  • Class 3 mode pedal assist only up to 26mph 
  • Off road mode with with pedal assist and throttle to 28mph

The small display unit on the left hand side of the bars shows your speed, range, and pedal assist level. You can also connect to the bike via bluetooth and use the Super73 app to input directions and get turn by turn directions on the display. The Super73-Z Miami is a single speed bike, so it just has one gear to pedal. 20 inch wheels are mounted with 20×4” tires front and rear. The brakes are 180mm mechanical disc brakes front and rear. 

Estimated range is 30 miles at 20mph with the throttle only and 50 plus miles using eco pedal assist mode. The stand over height is 28 inches and the bike weights 59 pounds. 


The Super73-Z Miami is a super fun bike to ride. The styling of the bike is awesome and everywhere we went people would be looking at it. The low seat height makes it easy for almost anyone to hop on and go for a ride. Having the thumb throttle on the right hand side was really cool, it made it feel more like a motorcycle using your right hand to accelerate. The motor is strong and fast. It would accelerate quickly and smoothly, getting you up to speed with the flow of traffic and had a nice pep to it. 

The fat tires rolled very nicely on the concrete and helped absorb a lot of the bumps in the road. With the weight of the bike and the nice rolling wheels you could carry a good amount of speed downhill. The seat is comfortable and allows you to move around forward or back to find a good position. It also helped dampen some of the bumps in the road. The seat is long enough for two people to ride on. We took two people for a ride and we both fit. The bike has a load capacity of 325lbs, so we got close to that, and the bike still accelerated up to speed nicely, just a bit slower than when not loaded down with the weight. Turn by turn navigation on the display was super convenient. This way you dont have to have a phone mount on your bike and can keep your phone packed away safely. 


The seat height is nice that it is low for when you are throttling , but if you want to pedal you are pretty crunch up and makes it awkward to pedal. Your legs can’t get full extension so you can’t really pedal efficiently. The thumb throttle is also either on or off. There is not an in between to cruise in. No matter how hard you pushed the throttle down it would give you full power. It would be great if you could get half power with half throttle, or ramp up the power as you push it to the maximum. To counteract having to go full speed always, we would blip the throttle and just give bursts of power to stat at the speed we wanted to be at. 

Riding with other people who were not on a super73 was not as fun as if everyone had one. Its hard to keep a consistent pace with the throttle and usually you are going way faster then them. You could pedal in a lower pedal assist mode, but pedaling isnt the most comfortable and going fast on this bike with the throttle is what we enjoyed most. 

This would be a great bike for anyone that wants to get around town fast. We found ourselves taking this to run quick errands often as we could easily go with the speed of traffic and not have to pedal. This bike is definitely more reminiscent of a moped than a bicycle, so riding with other people with similar bikes would be a blast. This bike made going across town a fun trip and a small adventure each time. It would not be ideal if you are riding with other types of bikes often since you will just be so much faster than the rest of the group.  Everyone that rode this had a great time and rode with a big smile on their face. 

Price: $1,995
Weight: 59lbs