Giro Ethos MIPS Helmet for commuting on the bike

Are you in the market for a new ebike helmet that offers top-notch safety features and advanced technology? Look no further than the Giro Ethos MIPS helmet, designed with the modern cyclist in mind.

The Lab

One of our favorite features of the Giro Ethos MIPS helmet is the helmet’s built-in front and rear LEDs, as well as its handlebar-activated turn signals. These components help to increase visibility during low-light conditions, which is especially important for cyclists who frequently ride at dawn or dusk. Additionally, its reflective decals and webbing further enhance visibility and safety on the road.

Safety is at the forefront of the Giro Ethos MIPS helmet’s design, as evidenced by its in-mold construction and TPU soft rubber waterproof brim. The helmet also boasts deep coverage and complies with the US CPSC safety standard for bicycle helmets for persons age 5 and older.

In addition to its safety features, the Giro Ethos MIPS helmet offers a comfortable and customizable fit thanks to its ROC LOC® CITY MIPS® system. This system allows for easy adjustments to the helmet’s fit, ensuring a snug and secure fit every time you ride.

Other features of the Giro Ethos MIPS helmet include 12 vents with internal channeling for optimal ventilation and quick-dry padding for added comfort during long rides. The helmet also boasts a lithium polymer battery that is micro-USB rechargeable, making it easy to keep your helmet powered up and ready to go.

Our Thoughts

When we first received the Giro Ethos MIPS helmet we noticed the build quality straight out of the box. The helmet has a premium finish to it and the matte color looks very nice. Even with the integrated lights and battery the helmet felt light coming in at 475 grams for the size medium.

First thing we did was charge the helmet and remote via the USB ports. The helmet takes two hours to fully charge and the remote will take one hour. The entire system is USB-C rechargeable with an estimated run time of 10 hours in low-blink mode and 5 hours in the high-blink mode, which delivers 45 lumens front and 30 lumens rear.

The fit of the Giro Ethos MIPS helmet was nice and comfortable. Using the Roc Loc® City Mips fit system is very easy and you can dial in the helmet to your exact comfort levels. Installing the handlebar mounted turn signal remote onto the handlebars was simple with the included remote strap. It was easy to pair as I just turned on each unit and they worked straight away.

The lights on the Ethos MIPs are bright enough to be seen on a cloudy day on high mode. It took some time to get used to remembering to use the blinkers on the helmet, but after some time on the bike I would use them as I would in a car when making turns. The remote also allows you to change the brightness of the lights on the helmet which is very convenient.

The Giro Ethos MIPs has many features that we now look for when choosing a helmet. The integrated lights onto the helmet make it a no brainer for using when commuting in low light. Once you get used to remembering to use the remote with the blinkers (old dog learning new tricks here..) it is an awesome feature to have for city riding.

The Giro Ethos MIPs is not the NTA 8776 certification( ebike rating on helmet), but does meet all other US standards. With MIPS and ample coverage of your entire head, this helmet is a good choice for riding in a streets.

The Ethos MIPs does come with a higher price tag then other helmets with integrated lights. With this price, you are getting a lot of tech features as well as a good looking helmet with added visibility for city riding. If you are looking for highly visible and tech filled helmet for commuting on your ebike, the Ethos MIPs is a great option. There is also an option for a Giro Ethos MIPs with a face Shield.   

Price: $250
Sizing: S, M, L
Colors: Matte Black, Matte Chalk, Matte Graphite
Website: Giro Ethos

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