Leveraging existing E-Bike data, Karoo 2 offers new intuitive displays to maximize your ride.


New York, N.Y., February 23rd, 2023 – Today Hammerhead, innovators of cycling technology and makers of the Karoo 2 cycling computer, released ANT+ LEV E-Bike support allowing riders to better visualize and manage battery usage so they can see the road ahead.

As eBikes continue to grow in popularity

Hammerhead remains committed to developing new technologies that will improve all rider experiences. The latest Karoo 2 update delivers real time visual displays of battery life and drain rate as it relates to route, all with the goal of minimizing range anxiety and empowering riders with the data they need to maximize their ride.

With the release of ANT+ LEV E-Bike support

riders will be able to conveniently add new E-Bike data fields into new or existing ride profiles. The integration provides quick visual data so riders can remain focused on their personalized data and route preferences.

When connected to ANT+ LEV enabled E-Bikes, Karoo 2 users are able to view:

  • Battery Life
  • Range Remaining Vs. Route Distance Remaining
  • Battery Burn Rate
  • Estimated Range Remaining
  • Assist Mode/Level
  • Bike Motor Power & Combined Power

Additionally, riders now have the ability to analyze post-ride bike battery usage via Hammerhead’s Dashboard Ride Review. Riders can easily view historical battery usage, assist levels, and drain rates to better understand riding habits and optimize for future rides.

All E-Bike data will be written to the FIT file, and E-Bike rides properly tagged will be categorized automatically when uploaded to Komoot and Strava.

To see a full list of features, and learn more about ANT+ LEV E-Bike support please visit the Hammerhead Support Karoo-2-eBike-Integration page.

About Hammerhead:

Hammerhead® is a cycling technology company with a mission to inspire & empower all people to unlock their athletic potential through cycling. Hammerhead currently operates as a stand-alone brand within the SRAM® portfolio. www.hammerhead.io