A commuter focused eBike rated helmet with many great safety features

The Smith Dispatch helmet is an eBike rated helmet that offers top-of-the-line safety and comfort features. If you’re an avid cyclist, then you know how important it is to have a good quality helmet.

Safety and features of the Smith Dispatch

There are many safety features in the Smith Dispatch helmet, including MIPS. MIPS Brain Protection System reduces rotational forces caused by angled impacts to the head, which is crucial in case of an accident. Additionally, the helmet has Zonal Koroyd coverage that provides lightweight, energy-absorbing, and ventilated impact protection.

The Smith Dispatch helmet is certified by NTA-8776, CPSC, CE EN 1078, and AS/NZS263, ensuring its safety standards are of the highest quality.

NTA-8776 or “eBike” helmet certification is a Dutch-created safety agreement that protects against higher impact speeds and covers a larger part of the head. This standard is mostly applicable in Europe as the US has not set a standard for this yet. You can find this on a variety of helmets in the US still, and having an extra safety certification on a helmet is never a bad thing.

The Smith Dispatch uses a VaporFit™ dial adjustment system that offers 270-degree fit adjustment with the turn of a dial. A Fidlock® strap buckle offers easy one-hand operation, and the AirEvac™ ventilation system integrates with Smith eyewear for fog-free lenses.

Other features of the helmet include eight fixed vents for consistent airflow, Ionic+™ antimicrobial lining that offers sweat-activated odor control, a fixed Microbrim Visor, and lightweight, low-bulk single-layer webbing. The Smith Dispatch helmet also has a removable and rechargeable integrated rear light with red LED’s, making it more visible to others.

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Our Thoughts

The Smith Dispatch as an ebike rated helmet caught our eye with all the safety features it offers. Having a few helmets with lights on them, that is something we look for now on an urban-focused helmet. Right out of the box, the helmet has a good weight and finish to it. You can tell it is a quality helmet when you first put it on.

The VaporFit™ dial adjustment system does a great job of adjusting the helmet to fit snug on your head. Even with gloves, the rear dial on the back of the helmet is easy to turn to get that helmet snug. Having a Fidlock® strap buckle on a helmet has been my preference since I first tried one, so it is great this helmet has that. Rather than a typical buckle, Fidlock® slides into a locked position and is held there with a magnet allowing for single hand operation even with gloves on.

The Smith Dispatch has all the safety features we like to see in an urban helmet, especially with eBikes and the higher speeds they tend to be ridden at. You never plan or want to get into an accident, but having MIPS is going to help reduce rotational forces to your head if you do. The Dispatch meets the NTA 8776 certification, and has gone through rigorous testing to protect against higher impact speeds. It is nice to know that you have that extra protection in case of an accident.

The rear light is a great addition to the helmet as well. It has a few different flash modes from static to blinking. It is easy to remove with one hand for when you need to charge it. This light isn’t the brightest rear light, but in combination with other lights on your bike, it definitely helps add visibility.

A few other features the Dispatch has that make it a great choice for commuting is the AirEvac ventilation system and anti microbial lining. These two features will be great when the temperatures rise and you start to heat up in your helmet. I was wearing a pair of Smith Lowdown sunglasses and they paired up well with the helmet.

Overall, the Smith Dispatch would be a great choice if you are in the market for a new helmet for commuting on your electric bike. The Dispatch even comes with a helmet bag for storage off the bike. The safety features, style, and comfort make this helmet stand out in the bunch.

Price: $170
Sizing: S,M,L
Colors: 5 to choose from
Website: www.smithoptics.com

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