The Jasion EB7 folding fat tire electric bike has kept us moving the past few weeks as we reviewed it. The folding electric bike has many perks for riders living in smaller spaces or wanting to bring it with them. This is definitely a niche market for bikes and something that could be great for you.

The Lab

The Jasion EB7 is a class 3 pedal assist bike. The throttle will get you to 20mph, and while pedaling in pedal assist 5 you can get around 25mph. This is a folding fat tire electric bike, you can fold the frame, handlebars, and pedals to make it compact for storage. 

The Jasion EB6  has a 500w rear hub motor that is powered by the removable 48v 10ah battery. That is 480 watt hours of battery. The drivetrain is a shimano 7 speed drive train. The brakes are 160mm mechanical disc brakes front and rear. The wheels are 20 inch fat wheels with 3 inch knobby fat tires on them. 

There is front and rear suspension and comes with integrated front and rear lights. Also included is a rear rack. There are 5 level of pedal assist as well as a twist throttle. There is a color screen that shows speed, pedal assist level, battery level, and distance traveled. Estimated range on this bike is between 20-45 mph depending on pedal assist level and the bike weighs 59.5 pounds.


The motor on the Jasion EB7 is quick at the get go, so you can get going up to the max speed of the pedal assist fairly quick. The twist throttle is nice and intuitive and fun to use, reminds us of a motorcycle throttle. The bike is comfortable and can fit many sized riders with the adjustable seat and stem/handlebar height. It comes with fenders for the front and rear, nice touch to help keep you clean while riding. The rear rack is an added bonus, putting a basket on it would make it a good bike to run errands on. 

The Jasion Eb7 also has integrated headlight and taillight that can be turned on from the remote. The rear light flashes when you brake. The color LCD is nice and bright and you can charge a device with the USB outlet under the controller. The electronic horn is kind of fun and different then a bell, definitely attention grabbing. Folding the bike does make it fairly compact for storage or transport in a smaller vehicle.


The Jasion EB7 was not the simplest bike to build, some things took a bit of work to get on. The cadence sensor has a bit of lag and when pedaling at speed it takes a few sec for the motor to kick in with the pedal assist. It is the quickest bike going uphill, but it will get you up a hill much easier than not having any pedal assist. 

Key is underneath the top tube, so you somewhat have to memorize the key positions and placement since its pretty low on the bike. It is not the lightest bike at just under 60 pounds. It does fold to get compact for storage, carrying up a bunch of stairs will take some work. It is nice the pedals fold, but they don’t have a ton of grip. Would be best to wear some nice grippy shoes on this bike to get the most grip.

The Jasion EB7  would be great for someone looking to get their first compact budget electric bike. We think this bike is more suited for somewhere with flatter terrain as the gearing makes it a bit tougher going uphill. The full suspension helps dampen out bumps on the road or gravel and the knobby tires handled well on gravel roads. Using the throttle is nice for when you don’t want to pedal and it is a fun way to get around. 

Coming it at the $1000 mark make this pretty accessible in price. If you live in a small space and don’t have room to store a regular sized bike this one can fold up and fit in a tight spot. It would also tuck away nicely in an RV if you want something to ride around the campsite. 

Price: $999
Sizes: One Size
Weight: 59.5lbs