Lectric XP 3.0 is the flagship electric bike for Lectric and their most popular model. Now on its third generation, the XP 3.0 sees new features and upgrades.

We took this XP 3.0 into the stable a while back and have been riding it all over with the hopes of understanding what makes it such a popular bike here in the US.

Lectric XP3.0 Features

Come to find out the Lectric XP 3.0 is quite a universal and adaptable machine. Starting at $1305, Lectric has all sorts of build-out kits, or packages, available to best suit your type of riding.

For us we chose the Cargo Package, the additional baskets opened up loads of new opportunities for the XP 3.0 to really become quite the commuter.

This flagship model is a Folding Fat Tire electric bike and this latest generation gets hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors and a front suspension fork. Just two key features making their debut on the XP 3.0.

The XP 3.0 uses a 500w rear hub motor with 1000w peak and 55nm of torque. Lectric’s PWR technology is used in place of a torque or cadence sensor traditionally seen on electric bikes.

Aside from choosing a black or white model, the XP 3.0 is available in a hi-step or step-thru model. Lectric has also expanded the battery coverage from a standard 500Wh (48v 10.4Ah) battery to an optional Long Range battery (48v 14Ah) that can increase range by up to 45%. Range tests conducted by Lectric conclude da 45 mile range with the standard battery.

The XP 3.0 has a Shimano 7 speed drivetrain and rolls on 20″ x 3″ fat tires. Overall, the XP 3.0 weighs in at 64 pounds with the standard battery.

The rear rack is integrated into the frame and has an independent load capacity of 150 pounds. The rack is suited for Yepp child seats and of course various in-house accessories made just for the XP 3.0.

There is a large and robust locking mechanism in the center of the frame to fold the bike making it more compact for storage. Both the handlebars and seat have quick-adjust levers as well, making raising or lowering their height fast and tool free. Along with the telescoping handlebar mechanism, there is a second latch that allows the stem to fold down, which is all part of the foldable and compact storage philosophy of the XP 3.0.

Quick Specs

  • 500w Rear Hub Motor

  • 500Wh Battery

  • Class 1,2 & 3

  • 7-Speed Drivetrain

  • 20″x3″ Wheels

  • 1305

Riding the Lectric XP 3.0

We have had the chance to test a lot of foldable electric bikes this last year, and the XP 3.0 definitely stands out amongst the bunch. The longer wheelbase, the low center of gravity, maybe it was the PWR technology. Something about the XP 3.0 immediately felt different from the rest.

After countless miles and an excessive amount of steep hills, we had a good idea as to why this bike was so popular. Overall value aside, the XP 3.0 is very comfortable to ride, sure as a taller individual I tend to be more critical of universal frame sizes and adjustable components to suit every rider’s height. The XP 3.0 fits well, with the handlebars as low as they can go and the seat respectably raised to a proper height for myself, the XP 3.0 feels very full size.

Knowing that the performance of the XP 3.0 would fall outside of flat ground, I found myself seeking hills and gravel roads to really see how it performs.

The front fork is by no means a Fox Factory equivalent, but those run close to the price of the whole bike and its unfair to measure against. Pulling the reigns on my expectations, the oil fork supplied on the XP 3.0 was comfortable and performed as it should. With limited tuneability, I found it soaking up bumps and overall making for a much more comfortable rides, especially considering previous XP’s did not have a suspension fork equipped.

Having had the chance to test multiple Lectric models of this current generation of drive units, the XP 3.0 fell in line with the rest in regards to pedaling up steep hills. With a peak of 1000w and 55nm of torque, the XP 3.0 took every hill with easy and I noticed less battery drain then I had expected.

On the descent and going fast is where I began to find limitations of what you should do on the XP 3.0.

Final Thoughts on the Lectric XP

Fortunately, the hydraulic disc brakes are a welcomed improvement to the XP. I noticed the XP with its 20″ wheels can be a tad squirrely in the front end, especially when going fast. Thankfully, the brakes work great and help to slow things down when you need it.

Overall, the XP 3.0 may not be the bike for everyone, but it sure is one to be of interest to many riders. With a low entry expense to begin your electric bike journey, the XP 3.0 delivers quality components and frame design that yield a favorable performance.

If $1300 still seems a bit out of reach for you, it is worth noting that the support of Lectric for repairs and service is a value in and of itself.

It makes sense why the XP is Lectric’s flagship model. Their goal to get more people on bikes and offering the best bike they can at an approachable price speaks to what Lectric is hoping to bring to the future of electric bikes.

If the XP is not quite what you’re looking for, be sure to check out the XPedition for a slightly larger cargo electric bike from Lectric.

Price: $1305
Colors: Black, White
Weight: 64lbs
Website: lectricebikes.com