Budget electric cargo bike under $1500

The Lectric XPedition, an affordable and compact electric cargo bike with up to 150 mile range. It has a dual battery option, fenders, lights and even collapsible hanldebars, making it easy to store. Starting at $1399, the XPedition is a full powered electric cargo bike that can go the distance and for some, truly become a vehicle replacement.

The Lab

The XPedition is a Class 1, 2, 3 electric bike with a 750w rear hub motor and 5 levels of Pedal Assist. It is capable of up to 75 miles of range on a single battery, with the option for a dual battery configuration allowing for 150 miles of range, for an additional $300.

The 750w rear hub has a peak output of 1310w at 85nm of torque that delivers significant power to get up the steepest of hills, even when carrying a lot of weight on the rear rack.

There are Zoom Hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors supplying ample stopping power to inspire confidence when riding at higher speeds. The XPedition has a Shimano 7 speed drivetrain that gives the right range for steep hills and cruising the flats.

Lectric 20″x3″ fat tires not only support the load capacity of the XPedition but they offer minor dampening of the bumps and roll smoothly and quietly on the road.

Lectric introduces the PWR programming with the XPedition. This is similar to a cadence sensor but it regulates power output for Pedal Assist modes based on Watt’s rather than speed. This manages the power supplied as well as allows for the most range out of the batteries.

The Lectric XPedition is a compact cargo bike, with folding handlebars and a low seat height, it is 72″ in length and about 32″ tall when in its collapsed configuration. The handlebars have a quick adjust stem allowing for quickly changing handlebar height, reach, and bar roll. The rear rack is about 31″ long and extremely well supported for additional strength when carrying cargo. The burly frame design minimizes flex from added weight and gives many options for attaching straps to.

There are many accessories available for the XPedition that attach quickly and directly to the rear rack. Fantastic for kids is the Orbitor, which whether sitting on a cushion or in a Yepp Maxi Seat the Orbitor asks as a handle rail and additional protection. Other accessories include, floorboards, pannier bags and even a plus 1 seat that an adult could sit in.

Quick Specs

  • 750w Motor

  • 48v 14a Battery

  • Class I, II, III

  • Shimano 7 Speed

  • 20″x3″ Lectric Tires

  • 1399 (single battery)

What makes the Lectric XPedition a good deal?

Starting at $1399 for a full powered electric cargo bike with a good component spec and an impressive range. Compared to other electric cargo bikes on the market, the XPedition offers everything you need in a cargo bike for a fraction of the price.

The 450-lb load capactiy (rider included) is an impressive amount of weight that the bike can support. Additionally, the low deck height for the rear rack and the step-thru design help keeps the weight well balance and as low as possible. This makes riding the XPedition comfortable and in control with or without the added cargo.

The modularity and collapsibility of the XPedition is a standout as well. Being able to quickly adjust seat and handlebars is nice when switching between riders, and also if the cargo you load on there requires changing those positions to have more control. The collapsable handlebars and overall low seat height makes the XPedition nice for storage. At 72″ long and able to fit under a 32″ bench, quickly being able to make it more compact is an added bonus when needing to fit it some where tighter and cargo bikes don’t typically have a reputation for being compact.

Although the PWR programming aids in managing your power and extends your range. Take the 75 mile range up to 150 miles with a dual battery setup is absolutely incredible. For most people commuting locally, with a dual battery setup you would be hard pressed to need a charge more than once a week. For the adventurous sorts you could seriously consider long rides.

What improvements would we like to see?

When comparing to other cargo bikes the XPedtion is a standout based on everything you’re getting and its capabilities for the value. That being said, all of the modularity of the XPedition makes it nice for collapsing it down, but we found the double seatpost extension a bit excessive. It by no means interferes with comfort or rideability, we found it a bit overboard and without use.

The square downtube is a staple with the Lectric frame designs that often have a hinge for collapsing the bike. The XPedition has external batteries leaving the square downtube hollow with a single internal cable routed through it that rattles around on bumps that can make it a little annoying while riding.

The PWR programming is a new Pedal Assist technology that we haven’t seen used on bikes before. It is supposed to deliver a more natural pedal assist and feel familiar with torque sensors, however, it is a bit more sensitive and shares more in common with a cadence sensor in our experience.

The XPedition boasts great ability from families to work life all the while ambitiously encouraging expeditions and adventures. To consider the Xpedition for bikepacking the high load capacity and up to 150 miles of range are noteworthy, however, the fat tires are more suited for the road and don’t offer exceptional traction offroad. When considering long distance adventures we would encourage choosing your routes strategically to optimize your experience.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Lectric XPedition immediately becomes a contender in the electric cargo bike space. Being very affordable and highly capable, the XPedition shouldn’t be passed up when looking for a cargo solution. There is a lot to be said when getting a full powered electric cargo bike with good component spec and high load capacity for a pricepoint that is attainable for most. We think the XPedition is a fantastic offering for a electric cargo bike. The low center of gravity and modularity combine for a comfortable ride experience.

Price: $1399
Weight: 68-77 lbs
Website: letricebikes.com