The Geo City Grip pedals from LOOK not only add a touch of personal flare to your electric bike but boost your pedaling platform safety as well. Now that summer is giving us the cold shoulder its time to turn your attention to your pedals, amongst other maintenance and adjustments to prepare for a new season of riding. These pedals offer serious grip from more than one name we can trust. Look has been around since the 50’s innovating bikes and components, today their name has earned trust that you’re getting a well engineered product. The Geo City Grip pedal incorporates replaceable rubber pads from another trusted manufacturer Vibram.

LOOK Geo City Grip pedals come in a variety of colors, are lightweight, strong enough for mountain biking, and offer reliable grip from the Vibram pads not only on dry days but on the wet days as well. With rain around the corner the Geo City pedal is ready to handle the moisture and keep your feet where they need to be.

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The Lab

The Geo City Grip Pedal has a honeycomb composite base with interchangeable LOOK Active Grip by Vibram. These tread inserts come in four different color options to add that personal touch to your electric bike. The LOOK Active Grip inserts have multi height grooves to offer maximum grip from dry to wet regardless of what shoes you’re wearing. The pedals are also prepared to take the Vibram Active Grip Trail inserts as well, which offer even more grip with the addition of spikes on the insert.

As an upgrade to the standard Geo City Grip, LOOK offers the Geo City Grip Vision. LOOK Vision system is made up of four LED’s offering dynamic visibility at all times of the day or night. It has four rechargeable led’s with different modes and up to 20 hours of light per charge.

The pedals weigh roughly 530g, have a Q Factor of 63mm, and are 107mm x 103mm in size. They have a chromoly spindle with an extremely smooth bearing. As a bonus you can use either a 15mm pedal wrench or an 8mm allen key to install them onto your crank arms.


We have been moving these pedals across most of our test bikes and have all been very pleased with their initial feel. The LOOK Active Grip inserts not only offer great grip for all sorts of shoes they dampen a lot of impact you feel through the pedals. Initially I was concerned that the solid rubber insert that makes up for the entire surface area of the pedal contact with my shoe would like lead to slippage from the dusty dry days of summer but the Vibram stamp of approval checks out and has disproved my expectations.

The Geo City Grip pedals have a good sized platform area for your shoes. I am 6′ with a size 10 shoe and I find the pedals to be the perfect size for flat pedals on the city focused bikes. Of coarse we are always fans of adding a personal touch to our bikes so the Camo option has been a great aesthetic to compliment our many test bikes. To experiment with what to expect during the rainy season I soaked the pedals and made a nice few puddles to drag my shoes through as I cruised to downtown, the outcome was counter to most experiences with composite pedals. The Vibram stamp of approval shined as the LOOK Active Grip inserts became more grippy than they had previously been. I did however find some limitations with these pedals on full days offroad allowing for both my pedals and shoes to get real grimy with dirt, fortunately LOOK has taken that into consideration and offers the Trail Grip as a solution to a more rugged environment.

If you’re looking to upgrade some components on your bike the Geo City Grip pedal is something to consider. The benefits of being able to replace the interchangeable inserts over time as they find themselves wearing down extends the life of a pedal that you will find yourself growing fond of.

Price: $75.00
Colors: Red, Lime, Moody Black or Crazy Camo
Website: Look Geo City Pedals