Affordable Pedals for Maximum Grip Year-Round

If you’re looking for affordable pedals that deliver maximum grip all year, the PNW Components Range pedal should quickly make its way to your list of pedals to check out. PNW Components has built a solid reputation for crafting high-quality bike components, and their Range Composite Pedal is no exception. Designed with performance and durability in mind, these pedals promise to elevate your riding experience without breaking the bank. So, let’s explore what makes these pedals a solid option for all sorts of riding.

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The Lab

The PNW Components Range Composite Pedal boasts a sleek and sturdy design built to withstand the demands of rough riding. These pedals feature a composite body that strikes an excellent balance between lightweight construction and robustness. The platform offers ample surface area for a solid connection between your shoe and the pedal, enhancing stability and power transfer.

The pedals incorporate strategically placed pins that provide exceptional grip, ensuring your feet stay firmly planted even in rough and slippery conditions. The pins are adjustable, allowing you to customize the level of traction to suit your preferences and riding style, as well as being able to replace the pins if they become damaged.

The axle is crafted from Chromoly steel. This ensures that the PNW Components Range Composite Pedal can handle the abuse of aggressive riding and endure various trail conditions without compromise.

  • Weight: 415 grams per pair
  • Size: 113mm long and 105mm wide
  • Material: Composite pedal body, chromoly axle
  • Pins:  Adjustable pins
  • Serviceability: Replaceable pins, and greaseable axle.
  • Crank arm fitment: 9/16″ spindle, making them compatible with most bikes

How are the PNW Components Range Pedals?

When it comes to durability, the PNW Components Range Composite Pedal exceeds expectations. Despite their lightweight composite construction, these pedals are built to last. We can’t help but compare it to the Loam pedal from PNW Components. The Loam pedal has an aluminum body and boasts many of the same features and design for an increased cost. Having ridden both pedals almost equally both commuting and mountain biking, the Range Composite pedal has left the same confidence as the Loam while taking on a lot of trail abuse.

The PNW Components Range Composite Pedal delivers an excellent combination of affordability, grip, and durability. The design and construction of these pedals prove that you don’t have to compromise performance for a budget-friendly option. As a reliable and trustworthy pedal for mountain biking and being able to hand rough riding, it is even better around town. For commuting, the pins and overall grip make it far superior to many pedals seen on bike around town.

As a dedicated trail pedal, I wouldn’t hesitate to ride enduro trails or have them on at the bike park. If your riding conditions have a lot of big rocks and you’re prone to pedal strikes, they won’t outlast an aluminum pedal in those conditions but can take a lot of hard hits before any signs of cracks in the composite body.

Having adjustable pins is definitely something we are starting to see more of on flat pedals. It’s more than some fun lingo or keywords to throw at a product too. It has a very functional application when looking to get an optimum connection between pedals and shoes. Adjusting the height of the pins on day one for your shoes allows you to dial in the perfect fit for dependable grip.

If you’re a rider looking for an affordable pedal option without compromising performance, the PNW Components Range Composite Pedal is a solid choice.  Delivering maximum grip and durability throughout the seasons.

Price: $49
Colors: Orange, Black, Red, Gray, Teal, Purple, Blue

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