The spirit of exploration has been embedded in us humans since the dawn of time. It’s the ‘what’s that’ and ‘what ifs’ that have been driving us to venture out of our comfort zone and look beyond the horizon. Sadly, for many of us, our daily lives don’t leave as much room for exploration as we’d perhaps like. If only there were a fast, capable, comfortable, practical, and powerful companion that could help us find those opportunities to get off the beaten track. Something that delivers day-to-day reliability and energizes weekends in the wild.

Well, luckily there is. The new Grand Canyon:ON is an EMTB hardtail that’s as at home on commutes and grocery runs as it is in the forest and beyond. Whether it’s road, offroad, or no road, the Grand Canyon:ON does it all and it does it in style.

A sleek, modern, and lightweight aluminum frame sets the rider up in a comfortable ‘all day’ riding position while the 120mm-travel fork, 29” wheels and large 2.6” tires work together to take the sting out of trail chatter, curbstones, or fierce potholes. Powerful brakes and the innovative Bosch eBIKE ABS system (only on the Grand Canyon:ON 9) level up safety and control for riders and a plethora of ‘plug and play’ accessories like kickstands, fenders, and luggage racks back-up the Grand Canyon:ON’s life-ready credentials.

The low, central position of the powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor and PowerTube battery within the frame paired with a ‘just right’ reach of 475mm (size L) and longer chainstays of 460mm work together to increase stability and confidence down the trail. Of course, what goes down, must go up, so it goes without saying the Grand Canyon:ON is more than competent on the climbs. The steeper 75-degree seat tube angle and balanced overall geometry combine to create a comfortable and upright position while scaling steep gradients. Add in the powerful motor with its 85 Nm of torque and the large battery capacity of up to 750 Wh and you’ve got an EMTB that’ll ferry riders to the trails they want to ride, and the places they want to visit.

Connectivity and Security

No matter if you’re deep in the city or far off the map, it’s handy to stay in touch with rest of the world. With the Grand Canyon:ON, that connection is via the Bosch eBike Flow app. It connects the rider to their bike and their bike to the digital world, enabling them to configure their motor settings, navigate and plan routes via Komoot and even keep their bike a little safer.

The Grand Canyon:ON offers comprehensive anti-theft and bike tracking functions via the built-in Bosch ConnectModule and eBike Flow app. The perfect complement to a physical lock, the ConnectModule and app work together to turn the rider’s smartphone into a digital key to their e-bike. The eBike Alarm automatically activates as soon as the bike is turned off and will emit alarm signals after registering movements to deter any would-be thieves. Should the bike be moved significantly, the system will instantly notify its owner on their smartphone. Furthermore, prolonged movement of the locked e-bike will automatically start the tracking function, allowing riders to track the position of their trusty steed via the eBike Flow app.

The Bosch BCM3100 ConnectModule is pre-installed in all Grand Canyon:ON models and includes a free 12-month subscription to the eBike Alarm function following its activation. The subscription automatically ends after the free 12-month period unless it’s renewed for €4.99 per month or €39.99 per year.

here are four models in the Grand Canyon:ON range, which starts with the Grand Canyon:ON 7 at €2,999, coming with a RockShox Judy Silver 120 mm travel fork, Shimano’s reliable Deore groupset and SRAM DB8 brakes.

The range tops out with the Grand Canyon:ON 9 at € 4,299 featuring a top-of-the-line e-bike-specific Fox AWL 120 mm travel fork with Shimano’s high performance XT groupset, Magura CTE ABS brakes with ABS technology and an Iridium dropper seat post.

The complete Grand Canyon:ON range will be available to order exclusively at


Grand Canyon:ON 9 € 4,299
Bosch CX Gen4 | 750Wh
Fox 34 AWL 120
Shimano XT | Magura CTE-ABS Rodi TRYP30 MT410
Bosch ABS

Grand Canyon:ON 8 € 3,799
Bosch CX Gen4 | 750Wh
Fox 34 AWL 120
Shimano XT | MT6120/6100 Rodi TRYP30 MT410

Grand Canyon:ON 7 € 3.199
Bosch CX Gen4 | 750Wh
RockShox Judy Silver 120
Shimano Deore
Rodi TRYP30 MT410

Grand Canyon:ON 7 € 2,999
Bosch CX Gen4 | 625Wh
RockShox Judy Silver 120
Rodi TRYP30 MT410