Lectric announces the XPress with their first torque sensor

Lectric eBikes, 2023’s best-selling eBike company in America, today announced the launch of the XPress, a full-size, 27.5-inch wheel eBike with an industry-leading, high-performance torque sensor. Co-founders and lifelong friends, CEO Levi Conlow and CINO Robby Deziel, who set out to create an affordable eBike for Levi’s father back in 2019, have since created the most successful eBike company in America by launching the nation’s most popular eBike, the XP 3.0, the most popular cargo eBike, the XPedition, and the best-selling adult trike, the XP Trike, all of which come standard with a 20-inch wheelbase. Their disruption of the eBike industry continues with their own version of the most requested bicycle style that sports a 27.5-inch wheel, the XPress, complete with a torque sensor and starting at the competition-busting price of $999.

Lectric XPress Specifications

The XPress is available in two options, both perfect for urban adventures and everyday use, including a 500-watt motor with a 10.4Ah battery, and a 750-watt motor with a 14Ah battery.

The 10.4Ah battery provides approximately 45 miles on a single charge and the 14Ah battery provides approximately 60 miles.

The XPress also features Lectric’s custom-designed upgraded TC Eighty front suspension fork with 80mm of travel, an 11-28 tooth 7-speed drivetrain, 180mm hydraulic disc brakes, and sits on 27.5-inch by 2.5-inch city tires.

The unique torque sensor of the XPress uses PWR+ technology. Lectric’s proprietary PWR+ is Pedal Assist Wattage Regulation, which helps manage the power applied by pedaling. With the XPress torque sensor combined with PWR+ technology, higher speeds of the Class 3 eBike experience require less torque and give riders more control over speed in response to their pedaling effort.

The XPress also includes a color LCD display, integrated headlight, and rear taillight, and ships for free and requires only one-minute tool-free assembly with a front wheel thru axle.

The XPress is certified to UL 2849, a bi-national accredited consensus standard for the U.S. and Canada that covers micromobility devices like eBikes and takes a holistic electrical system approach to the safety of battery packs and battery management systems to minimize the potential risks associated with battery usage. The standard includes the battery cell, battery pack, electric motor, and battery charger.

Quick Specs

  • Stealth M24 500w – 55nm – 10.4Ah

  • Stealth M24 750w – 55nm – 14Ah

  • Class 1,2,3

  • 7-speed

  • 27.5 x 2.1

  • Model 500 – $999

  • Model 750 – $1299

  • lectricebikes.com

“We’re confident we’ve cracked the code for human power combined with electric power,” said Conlow. “Historically, there have been flaws with torque sensors—if you want to reach a maximum speed using any pedal assist level, you have to exert maximum effort. And top speeds are typically governed at each level so that the assistance you get from the electric power stutters, creating an unnatural riding experience, and in many cases stops working. With the XPress you get all the benefits of a torque sensor at every pedal assist level that works seamlessly with the amount of effort you want to provide.”

Final Thoughts

It’s to no surprise that Lectric continues to bring major upgrades to their line up this year. With the launch of the One, Lectric joined forces with two major bike names (Pinion and Gates). Now we see their first in-torque sensor and a new look for commuting in the eyes of Lectric.

Although our time was limited, we found ourselves with ample time to get a good feel for this new technology and were able to get a good understanding of how the XPress will blend a natural pedaling feel and their PWR technology.

XPress comes with a one-year warranty and is available for pre-order today, including a high step and step thru models, with the option for 500-watt or 750-watt motors. During the pre-order period, the XPress 750 model comes with a spare long-range battery, doubling the eBike’s range to 120 miles. XPress will begin shipping in June.

Price: $999+
Frames: Step Thru, High Step
Weight: 57 pounds
Website: lectricebikes.com