One bike to rule them all

An e-SUV for any terrain

If you’re a friend of the channel you have likely seen the Orbea Kemen SUV make it’s appearance in many of our tech and how-to segments over the last few months. Orbea sent us the Kemen SUV to be a versatile and adaptable bike to discuss many different electric bike topics. Along the way we have had plenty of time to navigate the in’s and out’s of the Kemen SUV helping to make this Tech Check possible. With a hydroformed aluminum frame, 100mm of front travel, 29″ wheels and a Shimano drive unit, the Kemen SUV is a highly versatile, capable, and comfortable eBike. Let’s Dive into the Kemen SUV and hear from the Orbea team on who the ideal rider is.

As with all of our Tech Checks, this is not intended to be a long term review or endorsement of a product but rather a chance for our viewers and readers to get a deeper look into some of the newest tech and products in electric bikes. We thank Orbea for the opportunity to create this feature and for giving you valuable insight into this new offering.

The Lab

Frame Construction Orbea uses a High Polish alloy with hydroformed aluminum tubing giving a very aesthetically pleasing finish to the frame design that not only looks good but serves a significant purpose in the frame’s comfort and riding performance.

Integration The hydroformed aluminum tubing allows them to keep a very low profile surrounding the integrated battery and the shaping around the motor. Keeping things really stealthy.

The integrated battery, as well as the internal cable routing, ensure a sleek design and helps reduce weight and bulkiness.

Shimano Powered A Shimano EP801 comes on the 10 and 30 series and an EP600 on the 40 series. The relationship with Orbea and Shimano provides a fantastic tune on the Kemen SUV. Along with the eTube App, you can customize your tunes to your liking, however, we found their tune did not need any adjustments to enhance the riding experience.

Battery and Range A 540wh battery is integrated into the frame with a secure weather sealed charging port. A 250Wh range extender is available that mounts to the bottle cage giving you a total of 790Wh of battery for those all-day or multiday rides. The 540Wh battery can get about 5 hours of ride time in eco, as far as mileage goes that is about 40-50 miles depending on your terrain and which PAS mode.

Smart Charger It is important to note that Orbea’s engineers spent a lot of time on the Kemen beyond the bike’s design itself. Specifically a large focus on the charger. Along with the UL Certifications, it was important to Orbea to develop its own charger to optimize the Shimano platform. The Smart Charger is constantly monitoring the battery for a fast and safe charge as well as increasing the battery’s lifetime. 

Quick Specs

  • 250w – 85nm
  • 540Wh

  • Class 1 or Class 3
  • Shimano 8, 10, or 11 speed
  • 29″ Wheels

  • $3799-5299

About the Kemen SUV

The Kemen SUV is a natural fit for the adventurous rider, someone looking to explore mixed terrain whether that be commuting or looking to take the fun way home.

Orbea presents the Kemen SUV as a Trekking bike. Covering urban riding and commuting, all the way out to all-day rides or multi-day rides both paved and offroad. Which is exactly how we’ve been using the Kemen SUV.

In all disciplines of cycling, a bikes geometry is a key feature for stability, predictability, and comfort. The all terrain geometry that Obrea puts into the Kemen sets it up to instantly and continuously offer a comfortable and predictable ride through all different terrains, especially with a load.

More standout features

eSUV Tires As an SUV electric bike, the Kemen SUV is outfitted with Schwalbe Johnny Watts e-rated SUV tires.

Tire Clearance The Kemen SUV can clear 2.35” wide tires w/ fenders which is the size they come with, and up to a 2.6” tire w/o the fenders. Which really goes to show you how adaptable they have made this bike.

Suspension As a hardtail SUV eBike, the 100mm of front suspension travel is a great balance of comfort and versatility. This leads to a very smooth and comfortable ride around town and just enough for the rough terrain out exploring.

Visibility The Kemen SUV has a front position light on the head tube. There is an on/off switch if you’d like to turn it off, but this is a great integration for added visibility bringing more attention to you as a rider. Additionally, there is a rear light on the rack from Lezyne, the 10 series has the alert technology which illuminates brighter when it detects a slow in motion.

Differences between Kemen/SUV

Now the major differences between the Kemen and the Kemen SUV land in it’s intended use. As they put it, the Kemen is ready for the city, while the Kemen SUV ready for Life.

The Kemen SUV has the wider tires and beefier rear rack for heavier loads or even a child carrier.

The frame itself has the necessary strengthening for a trailer, meaning it is fully compatible with the rear axles used by Follow Me or Tow Along baby carriages.

Orbea Kemen SUV 10 $5199-5299

Fork: Fox 34 Float AWL | 100mm

Motor: Shimano EP801 (20mph or 28mph)

Drivetrain: Shimano Deore XT 11-speed

Brakes: Magura MT5 E-Stop

Lights: Lezyne Super HB STVZO 1000/600 Lumens

Dropper Seat Post

Orbea Kemen SUV 30 $4399

Fork: Marzocchi Bomber Z2 | 100mm

Motor: Shimano EP801 (20mph)

Drivetrain: Shimano Cues 10-speed

Brakes: Magura AT2

Lights: Lezyne Ebike POWER STVZO PRO E115 310 Lumens

Orbea Kemen SUV 40 $3699-3799

Fork: SR Suntour XCR34 LO R Air | 100mm

Motor: Shimano EP600 (20mph or 28mph)

Drivetrain: Shimano Acera 8-speed

Brakes: Shimano MT200

Lights: Lezyne Ebike POWER STVZO PRO E115 310 Lumens

All models (10,30, & 40) are offered in both a Top Bar or Mid Bar frame in Urban Green (Gloss), Mango (Gloss), or Metallic Night Black (Matte). Additionally all models come with a Front Position Light located at the top of the Head Tube.

After a few months of riding

The Kemen SUV quickly jumped to the first bike choice over the last few months. Over that time we tested various tires and other components. While the Johnny Watts tires are incredible tires and a rather perfect pair for the Kemen SUV, we landed with the Johnny Watts 365 tire for a more ideal year round capable version of their original choice.

From short rides around town running errands, to full day battery killers, the Kemen SUV is a naturally comfortable bike. The All Terrain Geometry that Orbea focuses on with the Kemen SUV reminds us of the old 90’s mtb’s with a fresh, and rather necessary, update to today’s standards. An upright posture and wide handlebar inspire a comfortable and balanced riding experience.

Overall our greatest takeaway as we’ve put the Kemen SUV through its paces is its versatility. Being comfortable and stable in various riding conditions enhances the versatility this bike provides that other more singularly disciplined bikes don’t provide.

While not every rider is looking to take the fun way home every chance they get, we feel like many are looking for a jack-of-all-trades sort of bike. Full sport mode for a fun and fast day riding anywhere you’d like, or throwing a child carrier on the rack and taking the little one out for an evening ride when you’re back from work.

The Kemen SUV represents a great image as to what a bike is in today’s world. The Kemen SUV Ready for Life. 

Price: $3299-5399
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Weight: ~52lbs