Feature Packed Folding Electric Bike

MOD Bikes has brought an updated to their MOD City + in 2024. Keeping the 20″ wheel size, but adding more features to make this compact folding e-bike. The MOD City + is quick and versatile making a trip to the grocery store easy and fast.  We were able to visit MOD Bikes in Austin a few years ago, and now are happy to review the MOD City + at home.

Mod City +. Compact Folding E-bike

The Mod City + is Class 2 foldable e-bike with pedal assist and throttle. You can also be set to a class 3 e-bike, with pedal assist up to 28mph. It has a MOD Drive 500watt rear hub motor with peak 750w of power. Furthermore, this motor produces 60nm of max torque. The battery is a removable 48v, 12.8ah (615wh) battery. In addition, there is a color display to show you all the bikes information. It uses a smart torque sensor system that can be tuned through the display to your riding style. 

The City + uses a Shimano 7 speed drivetrain and has dual piston hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors. The front fork is a suspension fork with 50mm of travel with pre-load and lockout. The adjustable seat post also has 40mm of suspension. In addition the stem is adjustable to accommodate a variety of rider sizes. The front rack mount uses MOD front-snap-on bracket for quick basket mounting. Last but not least, it comes with a rear rack that also uses MOD Snap-on mounts. Along with the racks, there is a 300 lumen headlight and a tail light that acts as a brake light

Additionally, you can use MOD Connect to wirelessly pair with a Lumos ultra helmet. With this the helmet lights can be used as blinkers and brake light. In addition, MOD makes a variety of MOD Snap-On accessories you can also purchase for the bike, like the rear basket and front rack we have on this. Lastly, the Mod City + has a payload capacity of 275 pounds and estimated range of up to 45mi and comes in with a price tag of $2190

Quick Specs

  • 500w Motor

  • 615Wh Battery

  • Class 2 or 3

  • 7 speed drivetrain

  • 20″ Wheels

  • $2190

Our Thoughts

The MOD city + is a neat feature packed folding ebike. For its size, the Mid City + is pretty quick, the 500watt motor can get you moving up to speed fast when you put power down on the pedals. The torque sensor does a good job of sensing how much power you are putting into each pedal. Additionally, the throttle is great to have when you want to get going from a stop, or if you want to take a break from pedaling. 

At speed, it handles pretty well, even when you get up over the 25mph mark. Even so, with the shorter wheelbase and 20” wheels it reacts pretty quickly to any sudden movements, so that is something you have to be aware of. As for comfort, the City + lends to a comfortable ride, the front suspension dampens the road chatter and if you hit a bit bigger of a bump the suspension seat post helps soften that as well. Furthermore, the riding position is upright and comfortable. With the quick adjustable stem and seat post this bike can be easily used by multiple people in a household.

Some of the things we liked most with the City + is the modularity of the accessories and ease of use of them. The rear basket attachment can quickly click onto the rear rack with MODs Snap On system. Also, the front rack was added on without tools as it uses a quick release system to secure it to the front of the bike. 

Another cool feature is MOD Connect, where you can wirelessly connect to a LUMOS helmet that has lights built on to it. It was straight forward to connect to the helmet via the bikes display. Once you are connected you can use the left and right toggle on the thumb controller to turn on the indicator on your helmet. When you have the blinker on, there is a beeping noise as well that stays on until you turn the blinker off. This is nice so you don’t forget to turn it off after making your turn.

Person riding bike to the left

Final Thoughts

There really wasn’t much that we didn’t like about the MOD City +. For its size it is quick and agile, and has a lot of cool features like MOD connect and the Snap-on accessories. Even so, on the steepest of hills did the bike struggle a little, but most 20” wheel e-bikes struggle up really steep hills. The Mod City + would be great if you are looking for a modular, folding e-bike to tuck away in a smaller space, or bring with you on a road trip.

Price: $2190
Website: www.MOD-Bikes.com

Person riding bike to the right