Affordable commuter electric bike

This turn key commuter packs in a lot of bike for a great value.

The 9S Pro V2 comes in at $1399. At the time of this review, it is $100 off which makes the 9S Pro V2 an even better deal.

If this is the first you’re hearing of Propella, they are based near Seattle and have 3 main models in their lineup. We reviewed the Mini a while back. The Mini is a 20” wheeled compact electric bike for urban life. The 9s pro is more of an all-around capable commuter. Propella is pretty identifiable across their lineup with anodized blue rims and grip locks, and a matte black frame. From the 9S Pro to the Mini, they are all very cool bikes that all have a very friendly sticker price.

This is the second version of the 9S Pro and it has seen quite the overhaul. Key new details are the inclusion of a torque sensor which in our opinion makes the ride experience significantly more enjoyable. Additionally, there are changes to the overall frame design, most notably an integrated battery that is removable from the frame.

Propella 9S Pro V2 specifications

Starting with the drive unit, the Propella 9S Pro V2 is a Class 1 electric bike with a 350w rear drive hub motor with 40nm of torque and a 500w peak output. The drive unit is from MiVice, which is a new name to us but has definitely made an impression. I’ll get into that more in our impressions. The MiVice drive unit is what makes the torque sensor possible, and gives the 9S Pro v2 a very comfortable and natural pedaling feel.

There are both Step Over and a Step Thru models. Both of which share the same component spec and have an aluminum frame and fork. The 9S Pro will include fenders and a front light, making it ready to begin commuting year-round. There is only one frame size for each model with the Step Over having a fitment range of 5’3” to 6’4”, with 5’5”-6’2” being the ideal rider height window. Both models come in at just over 43 lbs.

It sits on 27.5” wheels with 2” wide CST tires that feel pretty good on the road and track well. Something that we love seeing on the 9S Pro is a 12mm thru axle. This is something that we really need to see more of. The era of skinny 5mm quick release skewers is something that needs to be retired.

You can probably guess from the name, there is a Shimano CUES 9-speed drivetrain, which is a major improvement and great to see here. CUES is a newer line from Shimano offering better performance and greater durability for the demand of ebikes.

The brakes are Logan hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors. They have a really nice feel. This new generation of brakes has adjustable levers to accommodate better lever positions for larger or smaller hands.

To accommodate the wide range of different height riders Propella specs an adjustable stem to change the stem angle. There’s quite a bit of seat post length making it easier to find a blend of full leg extension while pedaling and being able to easily get a foot down to the ground at traffic stops.

The MiVice system and battery are both UL certified with a UL2849 certification on the drive unit and a UL2271 certification on the battery.

Quick Specs

  • 350w – 40Nm – MiVice

  • 360Wh Battery

  • Class 1

  • Shimano Cues 9 Speed

  • 27.5″ Wheels

  • 1399

What makes the Propella 9S Pro V2 a great commuter bike

The 9S Pro is a very capable electric bike making it hard to deny the value that Propella is offering. The UL certifications, hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano drivetrain, it’s not super heavy…

I do want to comment on some of the things I noticed that I would likely find a remedy. To start, it’s a pretty stiff ride. The aluminum frame doesn’t absorb as much as some other bikes I frequently ride, but the 27.5 x 2 tire spec does make a huge impact on that feel. With the tires aired up to max at 60psi it gets pretty rigid, so airing down a bit to make things softer does help. Likely in the drier months, I would opt for a slightly wider tire with a supportive sidewall to run lower pressures.

The other thing I didn’t love as much was the adjustable stem. I would prefer a fixed stem for the strength and support they have, not to say this isn’t safe. I could notice it has some flex while riding, specifically on big bumps or going off curbs. This is an easy part to replace and there are hundreds of options for length, angle, color, and price.

Outside of that there really wasn’t much not to like. For $1400 it’s hard to be extremely critical of every detail, and stuff like a stem or adding a taillight rather insignificant details when measuring it’s general performance.

What really makes the 9s shine is the MiVice drive unit. This is our first go at anything from MiVice and I have to say it is one of the quietest hub drives I’ve ridden. It was practically silent.

Although only 40nm of torque may not measure up to some people’s idolized numbers, it is more than enough to supply plenty of power to climb those steep hills like what I showed previously.

Having a torque sensor is a very notable improvement to the 9S Pro and something, similar to a thru-axle, that we would like to see more from brands, especially in this category of bike.

I know there are gonna be a lot of people out there wondering if you can put a throttle on the 9S, unfortunately, that isn’t something Propella opted for with this model, but they are open to that idea in the future.

Propella 9S Pro V2

Who is the (bike name) for?

The 9S Pro is a geared for commuters. As a Class 1 electric bike with necessary UL certifications, it is fully compliant in the US for all legal requirements.

A good commuter bike is something that is lightweight, durable, and dependable. Propella satisfies those needs on the 9S Pro coming with fenders and a headlight to begin adventuring around town immediately.

Propella does offer a rear rack on their site which is rated for up to 80lbs, I wasn’t able to confirm the overall load capacity of the 9S Pro, but they assured me that it can handle that weight in the rear.

When it comes to riding, the drive unit delivers a smooth and comfortable ride with 5 levels of PAS. The range is in the window of ~55 miles in level 1. During my testing, I really jumped around the different levels so It’s hard to confirm, but I have left the house plenty of times around 50% battery and easily gone ~20 miles every time using different PAS modes with battery to spare.

Propella eBike

Final Thoughts

It really is a smooth rolling bikes and rather comfortable. Despite the stiffer frame, hunting for comfort was never at the top of my mind while riding. At 6’ tall the reach and stack height suit the 9S Pro well. It keeps you in a pretty upright position which relieves a lot of stress on the neck.

Overall, Propella has definitely impressed us again with another value-packed electric bike for commuters. Out of the box it’s turn key and with the addition of a rear rack it makes a fine bike to hustle around town on.

Price: $1399
Sizes: One Size
Weight: 43.5 lbs

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