Aventon’s First E-MTB and Mid Drive Electric Bike

Aventon releases their first Electric Mountain bike that uses their in house developed mid drive motor, the Ramblas. Their goal was to make a bike capable of riding to work and riding single track. We had a chance to be some of the first people to ride and review this new bike. Here is our review of the Aventon Ramblas.

Aventon Ramblas E-MTB

The Aventon Ramblas is a Class 1 electric bike, with pedal assist up to 20mph. The Aventon A100 mid-drive motor is a 36v motor with 250 watts of power that produces 100nm of torque. This motor also has IP67 water proofing. Powering this motor is an integrated  708 watt hour batter that is removable. Additionally, the battery and the bike are UL certified. The Ramblas uses a backlit LCD display that you can also connect to via the Aventon App. With the Aventon App, you can custom tune the motors characteristics to your riding preferences.

The Ramblas is fitted with 29 inch wheels that have Maxis 2.40 in tires mounted to them for sizes Medium and up. For the size small, it comes with 37.5 in wheels. The drivetrain is a SRAM Eagle NX 12 speed drivetrain and SRAM DB8 four piston hydraulic brakes front and rear. For the front fork, the Ramblas comes with a Rockshox 35 Silver TK suspension fork that has 130mm of travel. As well as that, the seat post is a KS Dropper Post with 150mm of travel. The included bars are 760mm wide bars with 9 degrees of rise and have lock on grips. In addition, it comes with a headlight, integrated rear lights and a kickstand.

The Ramblas has an estimated range of up to 80 mi and comes with a price tag of $2699.

Quick Specs

  • 250w Motor

  • 708Wh Battery

  • Class 1

  • SRAM Eagle NX 12spd

  • 29″ Wheels

  • $2699

Initial Thoughts

It was cool to learn that the Ramblas was fully developed in house, with inspiration from the Aventure which has been a crowd favorite. From initial looks, the Ramblas is a good looking bike, with classic lines of a hardtail mountain bike. The color way is reminiscent of the Aventure for sure, but this has a nice paint fade to it. 

Let’s first get into the new A100 mid drive motor Aventon developed. The motor is actually pretty powerful with the 100nm of torque. It may seem that the 250 watt motor would not feel powerful. But, when in the higher pedal assist modes, you can really feel the torque and it gets you up to speed fast. Most of the riding on single track I kept it in Eco mode, as that gave me plenty of assist for the tighter trails. In trail mode, it was almost too much power on the single track, giving a significant assist. The only time on single track I went into Turbo mode was for the really steep climbs, and it felt great having that power for those climbs.

Being able to tune the motor to your riding preferences is a great feature. Besides catering to your riding preferences, you can tune it to whether you are riding in the dirt or the street. For the testing period of this bike, I kept the bike with the stock tune as it worked out well for my riding preferences. 

Aventon picked a nice spec for the components of the bike, the SRAM NX eagle 12 speed drivetrain gives a good range for pedaling on and off road. The SRAM DB8 brakes also do a good job of stopping you on trail and on road. The Ramblas is comfortable to ride, the geometry of the bike is not too aggressive, which is nice for those that will be riding it on road more than off road.

Riding the Aventon Ramblas

The Ramblas is designed to be an on and off road bike, so you could ride this to work, and then on the trails. I didn’t ride on the road too much, mostly to get to the trails near my house, and it felt totally comfortable doing so. Nevertheless, on the road getting to the trails I liked to keep it in trail or turbo. This got me up to the max assist of 20mph quickly. Also, the motor is fairly quiet as well, even at the higher pedal assist modes.

On trail the Ramblas feels planted and the wider bars allow some good control. Having the dropper post is a great addition, and we feel pretty necessary for an ebike that you want to actually take mountain biking. Dropping the post allows you to get the seat out of the way when descending a trail, and then raise it again when pedaling up the trail.

The Ramblas was really fun to ride off road and handled all the conditions we rode it in. Even though it is just a hardtail mountain bike, it was capable of some solid steep and chunky trails. There were some points where I had to remind myself it was not a full suspension ebike, and to make sure to pick the correct line appropriate for a hardtail ebike. 

As for the suspension fork, the Ramblas picked a decent fork that does well for the price point. We didn’t find the limit of what the fork could handle, but not having the ability to lock it out on climbs or on the road limits this fork a bit. The wheel spec is also pretty good for this price point and they felt good on and off road. They are not tubeless by choice, as Aventon wanted to keep the price point of this bike more accessible.

Final Thoughts

The Aventon Ramblas is a solid hartdail e-mtb for those that are new to e-mtbs or are curious to get into riding an electric mountain bike. Aventon did a great job of making a capable off road bike that can still tackle the commute to work and back. Moreover, this would be a solid upgrade from a bike like the Aventure if you would like to explore off road more. The Ramblas is a nice contender in the hardtrail e-mtb space. 

Also, the Ramblas uses components that are industry standard components. This way the bike is completely upgradable, from the wheels to the bars. We look forward to doing some upgrades to this bike to see where we can take it. If you are looking for a solid, hard tail electric mountain bike, definitely consider the Aventon Ramblas.

Price: $2699
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Website: www.Aventon.com