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Vvolt, a company focused on making e-transportation the most common form of mobility, introduces the Slice Lite, a super adjustable e-Cargo bike offering a sleek design and easy handling with or without a load.

Since its inception, Vvolt has focused on designing and building products that solve human transportation challenges through electric mobility, and the Slice Lite is the brand’s vision for an electric-assist bike that’s friendly to all riders and expands transportation options with sensible power, low maintenance, and lighter weight.

The Slice’s long and low-slung frame rides on durable 3-inch tires, and the smaller front 20-inch wheel is designed to keep the overall center of gravity low even when the Cargo Module is loaded up. Slice is pedal-assist with the addition of a thumb throttle. It features both torque and cadence sensors for a natural response to pedaling and delivering smooth and easy assistance from the motor. The single-gear Gates Carbon Drive belt and sprocket system is the lowest maintenance ebike drivetrain available, with silent operation, no need for lubrication and 2-3x longer lifespan than traditional chain drives.

At 52 pounds, Slice Lite is 25% lighter than the average electric utility-style bike, made possible in part by Vvolt’s compact motor and battery system which delivers up to 55 miles of range. Integrated, 360-degree lighting maximizes rider visibility for safety, while moderate motor power and adaptive power-assist offer predictable handling.

The bolt-on Cargo Module (sold separately) carries up to 40 pounds and offers stable carry of bags, packs and all kinds of gear. The unique load-stabilizer rail slides back and forth to snugly secure a single bag or box without requiring additional straps.

Vvolt Slice Lite Specifications:

Speed: 20 mph 

Range: 20-55 mi  

Power: 350w

Weight: 52 Ibs 

Battery: 500wh / 14ah

Integrated Lighting w/ 360-degree illumination

Twin-piston hydraulic disc brakes with oversized 180mm rotors

One Size Fits All

Optional Cargo Module – Adjustable rail, integrated light mount, 40lb carry ($199)

MSRP: $2049

Full specs available here

“By design, Slice Lite is a charmingly simple way to get around the city while carrying the stuff you need to get through the day,” said Kyle Ranson, CEO and Founder, Vvolt. “As a team we spent hundreds of hours before arriving at the Slice Lite, and we’re extremely proud of the design. It checks all of our critical boxes: adaptability, low weight, safety, simplicity and reliability, and it also looks amazing. It’s our approach to the ultimate utility vehicle for everyday needs that can be easily enjoyed by friends and family members across a wide range of ages and sizes.”

Slice Lite comes in Twilight or Overcast colorways and is available today athttps://vvolt.com/products/slice-lite for $2049. The Cargo Module is sold separately for $199.

“Vvolt is a design-first company and that’s our path,” added Ranson. “We believe compact electric transportation vehicles can fundamentally improve people’s lives, and we want to make them as easy, fun and reliable as possible. That’s why we continue to do what we do at Vvolt.”